Invisalign– Shaping the Beautiful Smile

  DeborahChaseBeforeShapingOctober2012Before  I start on my second and final round of Invisalign devices, Dr Jacquie shaped my teeth. I didn’t  even know that this technique existed.  Most people have  little “saw tooth” edges on the tips of newly emerged permanent teeth.   Over the next few years, the edges gradually smooth off.  Not me.  The ridges that were there when I was in third grade were still there  when my third grandchild arrived.

Using a tiny, fine sanding tool, Dr Jacquie smoothed off the bumps and ridges, Then, not unlike a  sculptor, she worked to refine the actual shape of the teeth.  The teeth of the ideal female smile have gently rounded edges.  By contrast, the teeth of an ideal male smile  have square, straight edges. As it turned out, my front teeth had a decidedly square shape– perfect for a dude.  For a 50 plus women, not so much.  I  had always focused on my overbite and I was totally unaware  how tooth shape was affecting my smile. The 15 minute painless shaping made a striking difference in my smile and a huge boost to my self confidence.  The  ‘before’ photo at the top  clearly show the ridges and masculine angles.  The ‘after’ photo below    reveal a smoother, softer smile.  Very nice.

Next Steps With Invisalign

Tomorrow I get my new set of aligners and I wonder if  I will now need the  buttons and bandsDeborahChaseAfterShapingOctober2012 for increased  impact. As long as I continue to wear the aligners as directed and return for follow-up during the  treatment period, there is no additional charge.  No problem.  I waited so long  to get orthodenture, I am the  poster child for  the good patient. 

Getting braces, albeit  invisable  ones, was a hard decision to make at my age.  Most people  are dealing with SAT’s and  acne when they get orthodenture.  I,  on the other hand now get AARP    and need stronger reading glasses. But  I am so glad I  did follow though.  Maybe I’m reading too much into  it  but I think there is a life lesson here– to make changes and take chances at  any age.   Do you have a life issue  that  you finally changed?  How did you make the decision to take action?

5 thoughts on “Invisalign– Shaping the Beautiful Smile

  1. I took a deep breath last fall and had my “under-chin” liposuctioned and my cheeks lifted. I’m 64 and look much much younger now. Yay, me, for taking the plunge! Like you did, I’m consulting with my dentist this Friday for my smile improvement. Congratulations to you for choosing to take such a big step as orthodontia.

    • Good for you! And thank you so much for shaping your experiences. We can spend so much time and money on products that don’t work and I’m so thrilled that you took a big step to get the changes you wanted. I’d love to hear what your dentist recommends for a smile “lift”

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