Healthy Holidays

handweights  Calorie packed  holiday foods and  more alcohol than you drink all year can  seem to add pounds and inches overnight.

I clicked through a story on the high calorie  holiday foods and it was as though they were describing  the content of my  fridge.  My Christmas Day dinner was a roast goose, filledGOOSE with dried cherry and pecan stuffing with a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.     A four ounce serving of goose  clocks in at 340 calories, 18 grams of fat and  137 mg of cholesterol. Scary.  I decided that next year  I will  stick with turkey  that is not only delicious it was the protein of choice  for Yale  obesity unit.

After sampling  just about everything  on too many buffet tables, this is the time of the year  when  people make that classic New Year’s Resolution to lose  weight.  Turns out its the most popular  resolution– and the one that few of  us keep.  For 2013 and I want to make resolutions where  there is actually a chance I will follow though.  Do you make  New Year’s Resolutions?   Which ones have you been able to keep?

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