Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  Prime Beauty  is  my go-to site for the best close-up and personal view of the latest beauty products.  Recently she   pushed me out of  my  same lipstick everyday rut, profiled the best of the after Christmas beauty sales and posted  an Aveeno guide  to radiant party skin. 

Cindy is also committed to trying out new  anti-aging  tools and products and I am so excited that she will soon be doing a guest post on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog. I am literally running out of skin parts  and Cindy will share  her own skin care experiences.

In my  beauty resolutions mode, I picked up a copy of Beauty Confidential by uber blogger Nadine of Jolie in NYC.  Nadine was  a fast rising beauty editor who had worked  at Instyle, Lucky and Ladies Home Journal.  Annonymously, Nadine  also wrote    her hugely popular blog  that dispensed  beauty advice and celebrity and publishing gossip with equal  enthusiasm.   She was about  to start as  beauty editor at Seventeen, when   her  blogger status became public.  In less than a day, the job at Seventeen was  revoked.  Jolie in NYC   has continued to be  an always entertaining souce of beauty and style news and advice.  

Beauty Confidential  is crammed with dozens of  quick, easy beauty tips that  really deliver.   INADINE tried out tried out her blow dry technique for   tousled curls on a  beauty buddy  that  looked like the work of a top tier salon.  Her trick?  Leave the ends of the  curling iron off the curling rod  so they remain straight to support the mass of  curls.   According to Nadine, bronze is a universal eyeshadow for  all eye colors.   It warms up the  eyes much the way a bronzer warms up the face. 

Nadine also has sensitive skin and she devotes an entire chapter to dealing with redness.   I loved her list of seven basic rules for  sensitive skin  that includes  choosing products with as few ingredients as posible and avoiding those  with botanicals including rosemary and mint.  She includes a lists of products  that will work  for people with rosacea, eczema and psoriasis that  add to my own list of sensitive skin care tools.   This year I made  up a few beauty  baskets for   close friends and I included copies of Beauty Confidential.   Its  earned  a permanent spot on my beauty bookshelf.

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