Clear and Brilliant– New Laser, New Skin

There’s  a new anti-aging  laser in town and its called Clear and Brilliant.  Its  from the same company that developed Thermage and Fraxel— and sometimes Clear and Brilliant is described as ‘babyFraxel”.  I’m already a big fan  of “baby botox” so  this laser  is right in my  comfort zone. In addition to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, this new anti-aging tool reduces age spots and some types of acne scars.

Like its big sister Fraxel,  Clear and Brilliant  is an anti-aging laser that delivers  energy in a grid pattern.   However  true Fraxel goes deeper, can  be uncomfortable  and requires 3-5 days of healing.  By contrast this new rejuvenating laser   is  never painful and the skin  recovers within hours.     Since baby steps  might as well be my middle name, I was eager to try it out with my super derm, Dr Ellen Marmur. ( Before  proceedure pix  below)

BEFORE C&BTo keep me comfortable, she used a wooden  tongue depressor to apply a thick, 1/4 inch layer of  lidocaine numbing gel.   I remembered using this product for laser hair removal with another dermatologist.  That doctor told me to start applying it an hour before the appointment and reapply it  every 15 minutes until treatment .  I followed the instructions to the letter, delicately dabbing on little  blobs on my chin and upper lip. But the instant  the laser touched my skin it felt like I had been kicked by a horse.    When I saw the thick layer of numbing  goo used  this time, I realized  that I just didn’t apply enough.  Now I know.

After 30 minutes of numbing, Dr Ellen scraped off the lidocaine gel.  My face  felt quite numb.  Not as numb as a shot of novacaine, but definately numb.  As per my request, she  choose the AFTER C&B lowest intensity and started passing the laser tip over my face.  I could feel a slightly warm tingling sensation, but nothing even close to uncomfortable.   To show me the differrence, the doctor moved the laser to an area without numbing cream and it was still comfortable. She continued to move the laser tip over my face  for about   thirty minutes.  My skin felt warm, like a mild sunburn, but when I looked in the mirror I was surprised  to see my face was bright red and swollen.  ( Unflattering  pix  on the right)

When I went left the office, I noticed that the cold winter weather had definitely warmed up.  I took off my scarf and unbuttoned  my coat.  I walked  a few blocks  until I realized that it was  the heat that seemed to be radiating off my face that  was keeping me warm.    Dr Ellen promised that the redness would fade within 3-4  hours — and almost on cue it did.  By the time my husband came home, I was  just a little pink– like I had spent an hour or two in the sun.   The next NEXT DAYmorning,  my face    had a  healthy glow.  ( pix on the left in a red sweater)

A week later there was, as promised, a subtle radiance.  I think the best way to describe  the change was to compare it to the way the skin looks after a great facial.   But unlike a skin facial where the glow lasts   only about a day, Clear and BrilliantONE WEEK AFTER radiance last for months– and seems to  get  better over time. ( One week later pix on right)   This  “lunchtime” laser works by

stimulating   collagen production and evening  out skin tones.   I was   excited to learn that  it can be especially helpful for the neck area.   This winter I have a big  anti-aging  plan for my neck   that starts with another date with Clear and Brilliant.

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  1. Im so happy you liked your Clear and Brilliant treatment! As the Clinical Specialist for Thermage, Fraxel, Liposonix and C & B, I have seen time and time again, real, lasting and safe results. I encourage women to start young and wrote a 3 steps to Brilght Skin post including the Clear and Brillant as one of the steps. With Clear and Brillant we can literally take part in preventing the way our skin ages! I do love your blog as I share your passion! Cheers from Barcelona!

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