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FF1This week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.  This always interesting site features  both fashion and social issues  of interest to plus size women. 

This year instead of  making the usual blanket  New Year’s Resolution to “exercise more” I decided to  pick a new  promise that I could actually  accomplish.   So for 2013  my top New Year’s Resolution  is to decrease  use of toxic   chemicals in my  home.   I have already been looking  at ways to reduce chemicals in skin care products and I was inspired by a  new book by a  father and son team of experts to extend my reach.  The Healthy Home ( Vanguard)  is the brainchild of   Dr Myron Wentz, a noted  microbiologist and  his son Dave Wentz who is  trained in bioengineering.  In clear, easy to understand language, The Healthy Home describes potential problems in our homes  and provides simple and affordable  solutions.

The book is divided into different areas in the house.  From the bedroom thru the kitchen to theHEALTHY HOME 1 garage and yard,  the authors identify  common toxins and explain their impact on our health.  For example  in the bedroom, The Healthy Home explains the dangers of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from devices that are clustered around the bed including phones, clocks and lamps.  In the bathroom, the authors  highlight the problems with aerosols, parabens, phalates and preservatives that are often used in prsonal care products.   

In  the bathroom, this book raises concerns about chemicals in  tub and tile cleansers  that contain toluene, lead and thimerosol– substances linked to endocrine disruption.

The information is disturbing but the book points you  in the direction of better choices.  For example to avoid chemicals in the bedroom, it suggests using all cotton or  organic fabrics for bedding  and nightclothes.  I wish the authors had provided  brand names of healthier  choices as well as resources to find them.   These are disturbing issues and we need all the help we can get to reduce  our chemical load.  However  The Healthy Home certainly  identifies the problems.  I plan to start by changing my cleaning products to healthier formulations.  Has anyone  recommendations for effective “green” cleaning tools?

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