Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF_1This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash–  a super timely host  to deal with post-holiday party pounds.  In addition to effective  exercise plans, Shawna shares inspiring stories of her clients  who lost weight and got back their youthful  curves.

The flu  has hit most of the US and hit it hard.  To stay healthy, Mount Sinai pulmonologist Dr Neil Schachter  and author of the author of  The  Good Doctor’s Guide to Colds and Flu ( HarperCollins)  offers  his top ten tips for a healthy winter:


1. Get a flu shot– Its not perfect, but its the single most effective step you can take to stay GOOD DOCTORhealthy.  Because your natural  immunity declines after age 50,  urge your family and grandchildren to  get a flu shot.

2. If you have an underlying health problem such as asthma, diabetes,  are pregnant, suffer from arthritis and/or are over age 50,  ask  you doctor for vaccine that protects against pneumonia.

3. At the peak of the flu outbreak avoid crowds like movie theaters or conserts

4. Alcohol lowers  your natural immunity so limit intake to less than 4 drinks a week

5. Lack of sleep also lowers immunity.  Make a point of getting 7-8 hours/ night.   Catching  up  on the weekend won’t help  your immunity that much.

6. Be aware of the germs that linger on elevator buttons,  bathroom fixtures, door knobs, and star rails.  Rather than becoming a winter hermit, don’t leave the house without a  hand sanitizer  in your purse or pocket.

7. Carry  your own pen and use it to sign credit card receits  in stores and restaurants.  Can you imagine how many germs are on the pen  a waiter  hands you at then end of the day.

8. Commit to 30 minutes of exercise 5x/week.  Its a tried and true way to raise  immunity.

9. Don’t smoke and don’t let others smoke around you.  Tobacco smoke paralyzes the tiny fibers in the lungs that sweep out mucus in the lungs before it can become infected with bacteria.  Not only are respiratory infections more frequent in smokers, they tend to be more severe and last longer

10.  Its still not too late to get a flu shot.  Its that important.

For more info about colds and flu you can check out Dr Schachter’s website, He is a wonderful doctor, really cute, and FYI my husband.

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