The Anti- Aging Chest

golden globe (2)Watching the red carpet parade of beautiful women at the Golden Globes, I was mesmerized by the flawless chests above the strapless or plunging gowns. While we usually focus on signs of aging around the face and eyes, the skin on chest is often more lined and sun damaged and in need of some TLC. These women who professional lives depend on their beauty clearly knew this and they take great care to create a smooth polished and sexy decollete.

After trying  out  a wide range of anti-aging tools for my face, I realized that   there was now quite a difference between the skin on my face and the skin on my chest.  Last year  I had most of the freckles  and age spots  on my chest removed by  laser, but one big oddly shaped splotch resisted treatment.   Normally one spot ( even though it was shaped like a medieval serpent)  would  hardly be worth mentioning. But I get so many  questions about the best way to even out chest skin tone, I decided  to explore other tools for this area.

I asked Dr Marmur to use  a Fraxel laser  but she pointed out  that  the brown  mark scan0257was  slightly raised and textured ( photo on right).  For this type of  spot she need to zap it with an electro cautery needle.    After  numbing the area  with a tiny shot of lidocaine, Dr Marmur  touched the  raised area with the heated  wired needle.   The skin actually sizzled  as the tip bNEXT DAY (2)urned off the raised  brown  splotch.   It took less than a minute.  The area was quite red and as directed, I dabbed on a bit of Aquaphor and covered it with a bandaid.   When the lidocaine wore off, my chest felt  just a bit sore.

The next day the area was still red and raw, but not painful ( see photo on left).  Dr Marmur warned  me that the chest skin will stay red for  up to several months.     Since  body skin tends to heal more slowly than on the face, winter time is an HEALINGexcellent time to have  laser work on  body parts hidden by pants and sweaters.  One week later the area  has healed to a slightly  dry,  faint brownish pink splotch ( photo to right).    In a month I’ll post a follow-up pix. If ever find myself walking  on  the red carpet,  at least my decolette  will be ready.

4 thoughts on “The Anti- Aging Chest

  1. Is treatment very expensive for that? And of course we know that prevention kicks the cat out of cure. So extend those cleansers, SPF moisturizers and especially that facial sunscreen right the way down the neck and onto the chest ladies!

    Great post!

    Ali x

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