Its Fashion Flash Monday

  FF1  Its Fashion Flash Monday and this week Kari of Fab Over Forty is hosting. True story: Less than five years ago I went to meeting with a dermatologist and a branding team to discuss launching a new line of skin care products. Estimated cost was almost $1,000,000. The bulk of the costs were for marketing, advertising and fees to get products onto shelves. Today all a good new brand needs to launch is a web site to directly reach the consumer. This has led to an explosion of brands– and its a good thing we have Kari to sort out the best ones for every situation.  She has  has helped me find new favorite   fragrances, mascaras and  liners, saving me  both time and money. 

I love  fashion history and  this week I  went to  an exhibit on Fortuny with Mary Lou Floyd, co-fortuny (2)founder of Second Lives Club,  an addicting site on  life  in  our second fifty years.  In the early 1900’s Fortuny developed a line of clothing and fabrics that reflected  the new modern sensibility of the time.  His  flowing dresses made of  finely  pleated silk  liberated women  from corsets  and bustles.   His Delphos dress ( see photo on right) was inspired by  Greek design and emphasized  movement and a woman’s natural shape.     Isasora Duncan  LOVED his clothing and wore it both on stage  and in daily  life.   Fashionistas  including Gloria Vanderbilt and  Lauren Hutton  collected vintage examples of his clothing and  would be certain that no one would be wearing the same dress at any event.  His technique  for pleating silk was a trade secret and he took it with  him to his grave.   Many  have tried, but no one has  been able to  duplicate his technique.

The exhibit it at the Spanish Institue in NYC  which is itself  is  so striking, its worth a visit just  to see the black and white  floors and  red carpeted stairs.

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