Fine Tuning My Invisalign Smile

DeborahChaseAfterShapingOctober2012The first  series of Invisalign made a remarkable   difference in my smile.  When  I originally  embarked on adult orthodenture, I just wanted some improvement.   I wasn’t looking for perfection.  But at the end of the first   treatment,  Dr Jacquie offered an even better result– and at no additional cost.  I have waited more than 40 years to get a really  pretty smile and now it was within reach.

Dr Jacquie made another set of scans to develop the next set of aligners.  I thought that I would need another 8 or 9  plastic tray and I was a bit surprised that  my new set of aligners had 15 new trays.  However I will be changing them every 10 days rather than every two weeks, so the time was about the same.

I also got another Madonna-like  make-over  from Dr Jacquie– that  is she created a bit moreMADONNA 2 space between my two front teeth.  My two side incisors  had a shape that defies description, making it hard  for them to line up neatly with the front teeth.  They too were slightly reshaped to allow my teeth to form  an even row. 

I was a bit concerned that the aligners in this final push would be uber tight but they were actually more comfortable than the first set.  Even in the cold windy weather , I could forget that I even had them on.

After just  one month  with the new aligners, my overbite is rapidly becoming a figment of my imagination.  To keep me going, next week, Dr Jacquie  is giving me a complimentary Zoom tooth whitening treatment.

When I first started to explore  adult orthodenture,  another dentist told me I was not a candidate for invisable braces.  Instead she recommended two years of metal brands and attachments  at  more than twice the cost  of Invisalign.  Hearing that opinion, I put my dreams of a  nicer smile on the back burner.  Only a chance meeting  with an experienced Invisalign  dentist,  gave me the results I had always wanted.  The takeaway here?  Always get a second opinion.

2 thoughts on “Fine Tuning My Invisalign Smile

  1. Deb it’s great to see how well it’s going! How long has it been now?

    I’m on my third set of a new brand of clear braces called Clear Connect. Cant see difference yet but somethings obviously happening, can see from the trays.

    • My first treatment took nine months. My second set of trays will take about five months. I was just talking with my dentist about Clear Connect. I could see a difference in my lower teeth after about a month. I think its easier to move the bottom teeth, but that just be in my case. So glad you are on your way to a perfect smile.

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