Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF_1This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fab Over 50— the most comprehensive lifestyle site for women over 50.  I love the section where seven different women try out new skin care  products and report the results.  They are honest evaluations which  help me to decide  if this is something I might want to add to my beauty routinue or  an item that is just not worth my time or  money.  And I’ve recommended  her unique feature– Date My Kid-  to frustrated  friends who  are waiting for grandchildren. 

This week I added a wonderful site to my blog-roll. Tish Jett of  A Femme d’un Certain Age is a former fashion editor who came to France for business and stayed for love.  She lives outside of Paris and decodes all manner of french style in her beautiful and entertaining blog.  I love to see her photos of women demonstrating seemingly effortless French style.  She is in the final stages of editing her  book for  Rizzoli and I have already saved a spot  for it on my bookshelf.   In addition to fashion, Tish examines  food,  home decor and friendships through a Parisian lens.  Her recipe for vinaigrette is perfect and  I shamelessly copy  her elegantly simple flower arrangements.  I think you will enjoy  this site as much as I do.

Fashion  Week in New York started in a blizzard.  Beauty bloggers  are now  a popular addition to  the mayhem.  I have to admit I love runway shows.  The pounding music, intense lights, and incredibly beautiful,  seriously tall models  create  unforgettable theatre.  Its also very hard to find someone to blow out my hair  since all the stylist s seem to be working in the tents. The clothes are gorgeous, but its hard to imagine where and when  they could be worn.  Tomorrow I am going to a show that promises to  have beautifu,luxurious fashion for  real women.  I am psyched to see  practical combined with drama.

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