Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash. Jackie also writes for The Examiner and Style Goes Strong covering health, nutrition and aging providing useful info in an upbeat voice. She is one of those people who can spot an idea and find a practical application. We can go to the same event, hear the same presentation and she will find a nugget of information that went right past me. No wonder the PR chicks are so happy so see Miss Jackie   show up at an event.

Both Jackie and I worked during our “Mommy” years, but  I’ve had close friends  who had focused their  lives and energies on their children.  When the last  child went off to college they struggled  with  anxiety and depression and it was hard  for them to   enjoy their  new stage of life.  Beyond the Mommy Years is  a great resouce  for all  moms  who  need to relearn their lives.  Author Carin Rubenstein, PhD is uniquely qualified to write this book.  A social psychologist and mother  of two, she  inteviewed over   1000 women on their views,  challenges and  solutions to reinventing the post- parenting years. 

For  many women  their lives were centered around playground community,  sports and evenMOMMY YEARS PTA  events.  When the  last child is deposited  in a college dorm room,  moms need not only to restructure their days, they need to find a new identidy.  Beyond the Mommy Years  offers  dozens of suggestions on finding  new meaningful paths include going  back to school, starting a  new career and  and making new  relationships.  Its a cruel coincidence  that  mommy years often  end  at the start of menopause.  This  positive book offers special advice and support   for the physical and emotional  tsunami   that   accompany “The Change”. 

As any  Mom  of a college grad will tell you,   parenting doesn’t end, but evolves  when a child leaves home.   Rather than  packing lunches and running to  gymnastic practice,  I now get to take an ecstatic  18 month old granddaughter  to a doggie run  and then go out to a wine bar  with my editor.   If you wait long enough, you can  have it all.

2 thoughts on “Its Fashion Flash Monday!

  1. This is why some women need to build new communities because their old ones drift apart when their children do. And there needs to be a special community for mothers of college graduates who return home because they can’t find a job…a very special community!! Thanks.

  2. Absolutely! And did you know there is a term for children who return home because of unemployment– Its called Bounce Back and I tried to interest editors in a book project on the subject– but I think a supportive community would be far more helpful than a book.

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