The Power of Peas

GPGreen peas don’t get the respect they deserve.  All too often they  are the spot of green in a TV dinner  or boiled to a paste in Britsh pubs ( aka mushy peas).  IRL  peas actually  pack  alot of nutrition in a tiny pod.  Peas are  a legume like cannelli or navy beans and share the same nutritional payloads  of fiber, protein and vitamins.  All too often, nutritionists disparage peas  for their carbs ( 25 grams in 1/2 cup) and calories ( 80 in a cup).  However  these are the same nutritional  statistics  for every nutritionists favorite- dried beans- and IMO  green peas taste better.

One half cup of peas  has just as much protein ( 5 grams) as an egg or one tablespoon of peanut butter, but without the fat or cholesterol. Fresh peas  are only avilable from from April to June, but frozen  peas retain all the  taste and nutrition of fresh peas  at a fraction of the cost and are available all year long.   Canned peas are not so lucky.  They have lost much of their vitamin content, taste funky and are packed with not that helpful salt and sugar.  One half cup of  green peas ha  over 200 mg of soldium– while  the sodium load of  frozen peas clock in a about 70mg.

I use green peas in a Cuban chicken salad, stirred into a risotto  and  paired with sauteed mushrooms.  But my favorite way to eat green  peas is called “French Style” cooked with slivers of ham and scallions.  Serrved alongside a store bought  rotisserie chicken it is the making of the meal.

Peas Francaise

Ingredients:  8 ounces frozen peas, 1/4 cup water, two scallions, slivered, in one inch pieces, 2 slices of low sodium boiled ham, slivered, 1 teaspoon butter 

Directions: Combine all ingredients , except ham and butter.  Cook peas scallions and water for 2-3 minutes.  Pour off any remaining  waterr and fold in  ham and  butter. Cook until butter melts and ham is heated through.

One final thought:  Traditional  Peas Francaise  also includes  slivers of  Boston lettuce.  No one in my family would  eat  it this way, so I  just  left over this standard ingredient.  If you have less picky eaters in your  home, the lettuce adds both  flavor and texture.

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