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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  If you’re  looking for a new  beauty care  product, check it out first on Prime Beauty. Through Cindy   I’ve discovered beauty products  like  eyeliners that  I can actually use,  a new favorite fragrance  and blush that looks as good on my cheek  as it does  in the package.

About Face ( Seal Press)

There is a double standard  about a woman’s appearance.  On the one hand, the media seems to  obsessed with every detail of style icons  like Kim Kardashian, Byonce and Kate Moss.   Women like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Former Secretary of  State  Hillary Clinton  and  singing sensation Susan ABOUT  FACEBoyle are mocked  for their  hairstyles,  waist size and  fashion choices.  But when women, especially over 40,  show interest in skin care and style, they are labeled as vain and foolish.

About Face  edited by Anne Burt,  is a great collection of personal essays on beauty and appearance by 23  accomplished artists and writers.   The book starts with an introduction by  Bobbi Brown,  internationally  reknowned   make-up artist  and creator of  her own make-up line.   She writes movingly about growing up short and dark haired in an era where tall blonds  like Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley were the  prevailing beauty standards– and how she has sought  to help women   define their own unique beauty qualities.  While  the tall blond thing is   still totally out there, her line of neutral make-up   freed women from the candy colored makeup that had been  the standard cosmetic lines.

The authors of the essays range from early twenties to  Alix Kate Schulman, author of  “Memoirs of  an Ex-Prom Queen” who is now in her late seventies.  These well -written pieces include   exploration of  racial identification, the image of aging  on a mother’s face and  the role of men and love  in establishing a comfortable  self image. ,   Many of the essays struggle with reconciling  feminism and vanity. The conclusion?  You can   still keep   your feminine credentials  if you use make-up  and get regular blow-outs.  Good to know.

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