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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  Exercise is important all  year round, but I  think   March  is when excercise needs meet a critical mass.  Cold weather  and  hearty  comfort  foods  make winter weight gain almost inevitable.  But March means that  its soon going to be time to  peel off those  weight conceling  layers of clothing.  What I  love best about Shawna is that  she shares  fitness success stories of real women.  If they can, do it so can I .  Female Fitness After 40 is   such a relief from the celebrity fitness concpet   eg Gweneth Paltrow whose 2% body weight and highly restrictive  diet is  much more entertainment than  advice. 

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This– Success Secrets  Every Gutsy Girl Should Know

Kate White is something of a legend in new York publishing.   In an industry where most of us struggle  just to get a foothold, she has been editor in chief of five major magazines.  She took over the top spot as Cosmopolitan, replacing the iconic Helen Gurley Brown and over the next 14 years  kept Cosmo brand  moving forward.   In addition  to a great marriage, two children, she has also written  8 best selling thrillers. KATE WHITE BOOK

When most successful women are asked for their career advice, they usually thank their mom, a second grade teacher or  pointedly  state that they worked very very hard.  (  As if the rest of us  are  slackers).  Not Kate White.  Clear, frank and forthright,  she shares her real tips  for getting the career you want in an increasingly crowded and difficult work environment. In  her  new book  ” I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This” , Ms  White provides real time advice  that a women needs to hear. For example, in a meeting,   most women apologize or rationalize  when they offer ideas.  Instead, start off  with the words–” here’s a thought…”   You should confident, but not arrogant and people  will not only listen,  the credit naturally goes to you.

Her rules for networking  are so good I was tempted to jot them down on an index card for my next  event.  For example, I followed her advice, not only  to join every important professional meeting  in  my field, but to actually  to get out there and attend their events.  Once you get there she   provides dozens  of easy to follow dozens conversational tools  and techniques.  

I’m a natural introvert and  her advice is transformational.  I’m given  many books and most of then I give away when I’m done.   Not only is ” I  Shouldn’t Be telling You This” a keeper, its  my birthday gift of the year  to my smart, talented friends.  So much better than another a scarf or  pair  of gloves.

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