BB and CC Creams– Just Hype or Real Hope?

SO MANY CHOICES SO LITTLE TIMENo matter how long I do   this,  I get brain freeze  when I start to browse  the cosmetic aisles.  The lights, the  perfumes, the  aggressive sales people all start to  blur  as I try to sort  through   hundreds of products to find those few  I actually need.  In the past year, one of the most confusing areas has been the explosion of  BB creams and CC creams.    When Tish Jett of  A Femme D’un Certain Age  asked  me to do a  guest post on the subject, I jumped at the chance.  A Femme D’un Certain Age  is one of my  favorite sites.   Tish Jett cames  to France for work and stayed for love. On her delightful blog she   shares her always intriguing   insights  about Parisian fashion, food and style.  I’ve become addicted to checking out her site before sitting down to my own  work.  It just makes my day.

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