Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Mirabai  of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash. The spring weather is making  me want to get out and move again and I’m inspired by Mirabai’s exercise DVD’s shot  on the beach or in the mountains of Colorado.  She makes it look so  easy  and fun that  I actually went out and bought a new pair of running shoes. 

The Cheap Date Guide to Style  

Like most of us, I started my fashion journey  around age 13 when I was allowed for the first time to go shopping with a friend, rather than Mom.  And for most of these years, I wanted not so much to stand  out as  to  be appropriate.  I’ve pretty much achieved my goal and now  feel confident that I will be neither  over or underdressed for  all occasions.  I look  fine,  but not especially  interesting.  I’ve been wanting to crank up my style a bit, but not so much  that   Seth Cohen of Advanceed Style would  pick me out of a crowd.  When I found a copy of   The Cheap Date Guide to Style  by Kira Jolliffe  and Bay Garnett, I felt I found  a source of fashion tips to CHEAP DATEtake me where I wanted to go.

The authors are the founders of a uber hip UK  mag called Cheap Date.  The book  is done in a magazine style   of call-outs, photos  and boxes that  make you smile and nod– “oh that’s how its done”.  Cheap Date  gets its fashion inspiration from  a diverse  group of icons including Kate Moss, CHanel, Zac Posen, Jeanne Moreau  and Keith Richards.I love the lists in Cheap Date  and I think my favorite is the list of five dresses every woman should own:

* relaxed jersey

*flowery vintage

*classic black

*wrap around

* djellaba

With sandels in summer and boots plus an over coat in winter, you’re ready for anything.

Other super easy tips for adding a bit of style include scrunching up  your sleeves, adding a monogram somewhere, and tipping on a beret .   Adding a pair of Ray Bans  pulls it all together. Now this is fashion advice I can actually follow.

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