Invisalign – Before and After in Real TIme

Frist and final alignersWhen I started my Invisalign  program, I had been told by other dentists that either Invisalign would not work or I would need two years of metal braces that would cost more than $10,000.  Not good news.  When I  did finally find the wonderful Dr Jacquie who is one of the top  Invisalign practitioners,  I would have been happy with  just a visible improvement.  But  I started to see results so fast and the benefits  just kept coming, that I wanted more than better– I wanted  gorgeous.

The Science of a Beautiful Smile

I’m now near the end of my second set of aligners, and I’m so happy with the smile I see in the mirror. But as a science writer, the process is at least as interesting as the results.  I’ve shown several before and after photos, but this pix of  two aligners  speaks volumes.  The aligner on bottom is the second device of the first series and the device on top is what I am currently wearing.  You can see how much smaller the top aligner is because the teeth have been  gently pulled back into a more flattering  profile.

I am now down to  the four final aligners and the  trays are getting tighter.   In fact,  for the first time, I’m struggling with a new device.  It so snug that I keep taking it out and going back to the previous one.  Clearly Invisalign is  serious about the final results.  In the first set of aligners, I was instructed to change them every 14 days.   The first few minutes with a  fresh aliger is always  interesting as I could feel  increased pressure– but no problem.  WIthin a few minutes I would forget  I had them on.

With the second set of aligners, I was told to change them every 10 days.   Its didn’t work out that well.  It was harder to keep track of the time  and the aligners were a little too tight after just a 10 day rotation.  I went back to the standard two week timeframe and  the process went back to normal.  But the current aligner is really really  tight, so I kept the previous using for three weeks.  I’m hoping that the extra time  will pull the teeth back the additional space needed  for the tightie that is next device. I think  that I got a bit careless about  putting the device back immeddiately after eating.  When they say to keep them in your mouth for 22 hours a day, they are serious.

When we think about signs of aging, lines, wrinkles and grey hair usually top the list.  But displaced, stained teeth  are stealth signs of aging that rob  the face of  youthful contours.  Clear  braces are a much better use of your beauty budget than creams and  serums that make big promises that don’t deliver.


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