Facials and Retin A– Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  I used to have facials  several times a year.  Now that I am using  Retin A,   can I continue  my favorite  indulgence?

Answer:  I  love facials and I love Retin A, but together they may  pose problems.  If you are using Retin A, you need to weigh three issues:

1.How long you have been on Retin A ?

2. How is your skin reacting to Retin A?

3. What kind of facial do you want to use?

If you have just started on Retin A ( less than three months),   the short answer is no.  Retin A  is irritating on purpose and adding  a facial  early in the process can be asking for trouble.  Your skin could easily react with redness and peeling  that would require  stopping Retin A  for at least a month. 

If you are able to tolorate  Retin A every night,  and the benefits seem to be leveling off, a good facial can jump start new radiance.  But if you can only tolorate Retin A every other night, again a traditional facial  might be too much of a good thing.

There are facials and then  there are FACIALS.  I love the Hydrafacial that combines, suction microdermabrasion, glycolic peel,  anti-aging serum infusions and extractions to produce a turely gorgeous glow.  However its an intense process and   you should take a  Retin A holiday that starts 4 days before the Hydrofacial and  3 days afterwards.  A less intensive facial with  just  microdermabrasion and glycolic peel  can also be a wonderful way to  prep the skin for Retin A.   If you are a Retin A newbie,  this facial combo  will  take off   a layer of dead skin cells that are coating the surface and clogging pores.  It will allow Retin A  better access to the skin and speed up renewal process.   Just do it no less than  4 days prior to starting Retin A.

I also like facials that use   different types of  face  masks.  While some  are  designated hydrating and others as cleansing,  all masks  share  the  same benefits- they take off  that pesky top layer that makes the skin look dull and  unhealthy.  And while they  sit on the skin they allow the skin to build up  healthy water levels that  help reduce  lines and creases.   Nice.       




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