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Fashion Flash logoThis Memorial Day, Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. Give me a roomful of skin care  products and thrity minutes and I can pick the one perfect  forumula that I need.  But when I face a counter  of make-up,  I freeze.  I can’t  decide on cream or powder blush, neutral or smoky eyeshadow and lenghtening vs volumizing mascara– and  don’t even ask me how many liners I  buy and abandon.  That is why I am so glad  that I  subscribed to Prime Beauty.  She   has a passion for  finding the  perfect make-up for every  skin type for every occasion.  Cindy  does the heavy lifting  and tried out  the new  lines of lipsticks and foundation so that I don’t waste my time  and money.

Book Review:  A Beautiful Mess by Ali BerlinskiA Beautiful Mess Book Cover

PubSlush is an amazing crowdfunding platform just for book publishing.   This year they have also become  publishers and their premiere book, A Beautiful Mess by young, first time novelist, Ali Berlinski.  At this  point in my life  I have to admit that I  am usually not a big fan of coming of age  fiction.  Often  angry, entitled and sef absorbed, it usually  sounds to me  like  one big  long “I hate  you Mom” tirade.  Been there, done that and got the tee shirt.

But not this book.  Laugh out loud  funny and  bracingly honest,  A Beautiful Mess  is  an always entertaining series of  essays on  a bumpy  life.  Ali writes without  pity or anger as she paints a word picture of a biracial child ( Fillipino and Polish), struggling with two sets of divorced parents,  finding  and losing love, moving abroad and back and then  starts  all over again.   Her insight and humour stayed with  me long after I finished  the book.  On her  unusual  family dynamics  she writes  “What’s the use of a  messed up family if  it doesn’t  make for interesting conversation. To explain my family  tree requires a flow chart, several Venn diagrams and a special iphone application.”  On dealing with her Mom’s breast cancer diagnosis, Ali  notes that “Cancer, like anal sex  is not something you bring up on a second date–  more  like the eighth or nineth date when things get more serious.” Ali Berlinki  has a strong original voice and  I’m willing   to bet she is at the start of a big career. 

Pubslush is a wonderful marriage of technology, content and social responsibility.  For every purchase of Beautiful Mess, Pubslush will donate a children’s book to Flying Kites,an  orphanage and school in Kenya.   It is  just a small part of Pubslush Cause, a committment to provide books and resources to combact illiteracy  and poverty.

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