Anti-Aging Style at Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Staness of Menopaue Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash.  Staness  has  just finished  the 400 page manuscript for her  second book  on woman’s health issues.  She has interviewed  experts round the world and  some of the anti-aging  information is so cutting edge that it was  not even taught when most of our doctors were in medical school. There is so much new research, its hard to know how to put  the findings into  daily health care  Staness has done that heavy lifting and  we’ll all benefit.

Kate’s Style by Caroline Jones

Kate Middleton is a unique style icon.  Rather than  a party girl model, a  uber sexed Anti-Aging style from Kate Middletonreality star or a super rich clothes  horse,  the Duchess of Cambridge  has  a youthful yet natural glamour.  From  hiking boots to a ball gown,  Kate projects  radiant yet practical style that can be adapted for  women of any age.  While she is in her early thirties, the  dignity and duties of her office demand a polished conservative  style that is would be equally  appropriate for women over 40.  For example almost all of her day dresses  have SLEEVES– how great is that!

Kate’s Style by Caroline Jones ( Barron’s)  is not only packed with  gorgeous  photos,  it decodes  her fashion choices to help women  adapt Kate’s  unique style to their own lives.  While I would not  want to wear those little hats ( I’ll bet Kate doesn’t either)   her boot based casual looks, daytime dresses with sleeves  and  colorful yet covered-up evening  styles are flattering for  women of all shapes and sizes.  For example, the author highlights  those  nude heels that are part of Kate’s event daytime look that adds femininity and height–   an idea that I was able to  copy  with a quick trip to  my local shoe store.

The young duchess  famously mixes custom made designer fashion with affordable   pieces from  stores like Zara and Top Shop.  She  knows how  and when to throw a little blazer over a dress or pants  and she wears a belt like she invented  them.   Author  Jones  points out these  signature style tricks and even offers a resource guide to stores and   labels.  A totally helpful book and just $16.99– about half the price  of most  fashion guides.


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  1. Good question! She had great style when she was his girlfriend, so I think the basic concepts are hers. Now that she needs to pull it together for endless public events, I would imagine tht she has alot of help– especially for those coordinating fascinators on her head.

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