Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash is hosted this  week by Kari of Faboulous Over Forty. There is  a lot of  beauty  and fashion advice out there but often its directed at the Mommy Universe.  There is good info  on how to lose weight after pregnancy, how to  be a great looking soccer Mom and for  single moms, what to wear for an evening of  speed dating . But that’s not me and my Fashion Flash  tribe.  And that’s why I love Fabulous Over Forty. Kari is one of use but she has the  make-up skills and style sense to  know what works in our lives.  She has a knack for picking  just the right type of foundation to make our  skin glow and the best  gloss to make  our lips  look fresh and moist, not oily.  I have a file of printouts of Kari’s  tips and recommendations that I take with me when braving Sephora.

I Have Nothing To Wear ( Rodale) by Jill Martin and Dana Ravich

I really wanted to love  this book.   I am always  looking for simple, easy fashion advice Fashion FLash book of the weekthat would show  me how to look wonderful  with  an edited perfect wardrobe.  I dread the feeling that each new event means scrambling for the right shoes, dress and  jewelry.  So when I   heard that here was a book by two established style experts that  created a wardrobe   with 10 key pieces, I was in.   In addition to the ten  basics, the book than breaks accessories into six styles– classic, bohemian, preppy, fashionista, surfer chick and soccer mom.    But  these choices were very limited and mostly  for a tall,  thin body type.  Tight white tees, 4 inch black pumps and dainty  cami’s just don’t work when  as fellow blogger Tish Jett  would say “the last time you saw 40 was on a speedometer.”   When I got to the chapter on how to dress for the first date or  what to wear to meet his parents, I know that  this book was not directed at me.  I passed it on to a thirty something singleton  who was  surprised to learn that flip flops  do  not go with everything.  I think my copy of “I Have Nothing To Wear”  has  found the right owner.   



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