Fashion Flash Monday Explores Exercise Over 40

This week Fashion Flash is targeting anti-aging  exercise over 40.  From fashion choices Fashion Flash logo to figure busting moves ,  our experts  will motivate you to get moving for health and beauty:

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus helps  you exercise in style with on trend plus size work-out clothes

* There is still enough summer left to fit into that bathing suit beautifully. Jackie from Aging Backwards shares one of the best workout routines for a rapid shape-up.

* Can exercise reduce your risk of breast cancer?  About 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  New research shows that aerbic exercise seems to change how our bodies break down estrogen.  LIFE SAVING information, a must read from Staness on Menopause … Continue Reading…

Acne and Breastfeeding- Doing Right for Both Mother and Baby

acne free mom with new babyMaybe its the birth of  the royal baby, but my e-mail at the blog definately has baby fever.   Last month I answered questions about acne care during pregnancy.  This week I’ve  researched  best practices for skin  care both before and after pregnancy.

Question 1 — “Ive been on Retin A gel for 10 years.  We want to start a family, but I am concerned.  How long do I have to wait after going off Retin A to be sure its safe for the baby?”

Answer 1-  If you take oral Retin A or spironolactone ( a hormone used to treat acne)  doctors recommend  waiting six months before trying to conceive.  However if you used  just a topical Retin A, there is no waiting  time.  Good luck!

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Summer in the City Beauty Event!

Marmur Medical EventWhen I started No-Nonsense Beauty Blog to expore anti-aging skin care, I thought that most of my readers would be over 40.  As it turned out, it was you twenty and thirty somethings who were determined to make aging somebody elses problem.   That’s why  I am so psyched to  post a special  event at Marmur Medical for young professionals.  On July 30th from 5:30 to 7:30,   you will be able to meet  Dr Marmur and her team  to learn about   best practices  for  preventing and treating early signs of wrinkles, lines and dark patches. Not only is it free, Dr Marmur and her assistant Laura Cortelyou will also offer free mini makeovers.  It  will be held  at 12 East 87th st.  You can register at Marmur Medical at info@marmurmedical or call for  more info at 212-996-6900.

Living and working New York in the summer … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThe host of Fashion Flash  this week is Deb of Fabulous After 40.   I was a fan of Fabulous After 40   long before we statred to blog together in Fashion Flash.  Looking great at any occasion is not  a matter of money, weight or age.  Fashion is  in the details and Fabulous After  40 drills down to offer advice that you can take with you into the dressing room.  Last week  Deb  offered styling tips for short waisted women.  This certainly applies to me and  I  finally realized  why I liked pants and shirts without waistbands and why I never like to tuck in my top.  I’m not weird–  its the best choice when you’re short waisted.

Salt, Sugar and Fat ( Random House) by Michael MossContinue Reading…

Pomegranate- The Antioxidant Rock Star

antioxidant rich pomegranatesThe gorgeous red color of a pomegranate seems to shout health and beauty.  Nutritionally pomegranates have  decent amount of vitamin C and fiber, but its the uber  payload of antioxidants that have given them a rock star status.  Lots of foods have antioxidants, but pomegranates have lots of differen types of antioxidants.   Each day  we are assaulted by free radicals from a range of sources including pollution,  alcohol, stress, sunlight, smoking and junk food. Different types of free radicals need different anti-oxidants and pomegrantes antioxidnts include catichins, anthrocyaninins, tannins, polyphenols,flavinoids and ellagic acid.  This is a serious list of free radical fighters and there is an equally serious list of potential hea lth benefits.

 A Pomegrante for Your Heart

Reseach has suggested that pomegrantes can lower bood pressure, reduce cholesterol, … Continue Reading…

Vitamin E– The TRUE Beauty Vitamin ?

vitamin E capsulesThis week my email box had several questions about vitamin E and I thought that the best way to do  justice to both  was to answer them together.

A Little Back Story

Vitamin E is found in nuts, olives sunflower oil, wheat germ, corn oil and leafy greens.  Also called tocopherol, vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the body from free-radicals.  The RDA for vitamin E is 8mg/day, an amount easily met by one ounce almonds or one tablespoon of  sunflower oil.  For many years, there has been speculation that vitamin E  may prevent cancer, heart disease or slow the aging process.  But large well-controlled studies have been shown that vitamin E supplements may actually increase serious  health probems. 

A study funded by the National Cancer Institute showed that 400mg/day ( which … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logo

This week  Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is one of those people who seem to know the  right way to do everything.  She has the best recipes for kale, the  right way to tighten abs and the best routinue for gorgeous   curly hair.  I share  her passion for finding the “best”  that life  has to offer and  her  site is  a constant source of  accurate and entertaining info.   She also  has the  most positive spirit  that comes thru in the wide range  of posts and  presentations.  I tend to become grim and dark  when facing issues, but  Barbara  lightens me up.

Fashion FLash book review: How to Look Hot in A Minivan by Janice MinHow to … <a href=Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoNow that summer is finally here, I am so excited to be hosting the first  all summer theme Fashion Flash.  Our bloggers  have drilled down into  their topics to share their experiences and skills.  In addition to blue skies and sandy beaches, summer brings heat and humidity that affects skin  and  hair in ways that  can last through winter.  Summer also changes  diets and  nutritional needs.   Digestion  slows down and  our need for water, both inside and out, increases as the thermometer rises.   The Fashion Flash bloggers have got you covered:

*Tired of going to the gym when the weather is so beautiful outside?  Kari of Fab Over 40 has some outdoor exercises to keep in shape in summer months.

*Looking for waterproof makeup that will stand up to heat … Continue Reading…