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Fashion Flash logoThis week Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  I  have to confess I am not a gym bunny.  I don’t like to exercise, I don’t even like to talk about exercise. But with Type 2 diabetes exercise is not an option and so I am always looking for  exercise that I can enjoy and that doesn’t  leave me  drained and sore. Mirabai was a dancer and her exercise programs reflect  a dancers respct for their body.  Her moves and routinues are created to  devleop that wonderful  long  line that dancers need to showcase choreography.    She tones the body so that my clothes  just look better even without losing weight.  And when I do  lose a few pounds,  her approach to fitness  makes the most of  even a small weight loss.  Nice.

50 Secrets of the World’d Longest Living People by Sally Beare

There are diverse communities around the world where the people live  strong and 50 Health Secretshealthy well into their ninties.  From the Hunzas in the Himalayas to the  Japanese in Okinawa the healthy diets  all seem to thrive on diets  based on whole grains, tons of vegetables,  fruits and very little meat.  My favorite diet was found in the Italian mountain town of Campodimele  where the vibrant octergenarians  thrived on meals of  beans,  olive oil, garlic  nuts, homegrown fruits and vegetables, corn and homemade  red wine.  It  is a far cry  from  pizza and chicken parm subs, but  has the same  delightful flavors.  For example   in Campidimele, an ear of corn is grilled and topped with olice oil and salt.  Perfect.

The book is a bit disorganized but the  information is well researched and well written.  The author, Sally Beare studies nutrition  at the British College of Nutrition and Health in London  and has traveled extensively to study  first  hand the different diets and cultures.  I was especially impressed with the extensive references to back up the text.

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  1. Wonderful! You must be looking fit now. Even I don’t like exercise as it also left me exhausted and nervous. After reading your blog, I think I should also look for such dance class to tone my body.

    • A dance class is a great idea! And I love your blog Style Set Go. I always have problems getting the right outfit for an occasion and your tips are wonderful!

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