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This week  Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is one of those people who seem to know the  right way to do everything.  She has the best recipes for kale, the  right way to tighten abs and the best routinue for gorgeous   curly hair.  I share  her passion for finding the “best”  that life  has to offer and  her  site is  a constant source of  accurate and entertaining info.   She also  has the  most positive spirit  that comes thru in the wide range  of posts and  presentations.  I tend to become grim and dark  when facing issues, but  Barbara  lightens me up.

Fashion FLash book review: How to Look Hot in A Minivan by Janice MinHow to Look Hot in A Minivan

The hot pink cover of this book caught my  eye and the sub title –“the real woman’s guide to looking great in the age of the celebrity mom”  had  me hooked. While a good bit of the advice focused on the beaut and fashion  issues of new moms,  the real time  advice would  work for  moms  of any age.  We  juggle so  many responsibilities– childen, work, home,  and  husbands– and yet we  still want  to look great.   While I am not usually a big fan of celebrity role models, this books  picks out the style tips that  are quick and affordable.  For example she  shows how Reese Witherspoon uses  hats and bags to add color and flair to a basic jean and tee shirt.  Now that’s something I can do.  

Author Jancie Min has been  editor in chief at both the  Hollywood Reporter and Us magazine, and certainly knows her way around  celebritiy style.  She is also the mother of three with a minivan and understands the challenges of trying  to look great and be  a world class mom.  Her list of top twenty skin care and make-up tools   introduced me to  a few new winners including the affordable tube technology mascara L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascaa.   Tube technology mscara coats each  individual lash  with   water-resistant “tube” as to opposed to just painting on the color. It REALLY makes a difference.  Min has  this kind of insider  information  that makes her book  genuinely  usable and effective.  She illustrates her basic  mom wardrobe  section with celebrity photos  and her suggestions  work  well  if your children are 6 months or going off to college.  I bought copies of   How to Look Great in A Minivan for my two young mom daughters, and kept one for myself.

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