Fashion Flash Monday Explores Exercise Over 40

This week Fashion Flash is targeting anti-aging  exercise over 40.  From fashion choices Fashion Flash logo to figure busting moves ,  our experts  will motivate you to get moving for health and beauty:

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus helps  you exercise in style with on trend plus size work-out clothes

* There is still enough summer left to fit into that bathing suit beautifully. Jackie from Aging Backwards shares one of the best workout routines for a rapid shape-up.

* Can exercise reduce your risk of breast cancer?  About 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  New research shows that aerbic exercise seems to change how our bodies break down estrogen.  LIFE SAVING information, a must read from Staness on Menopause Makeover.

* Are you working out in the same old baggy t-shirt and sweat pants?  Updating workout clothes can make exercsing more fun and more effective.  Style expert Deb Boland of Fabulous Afer 40 shares  tips to apply when you are updating your work-out wardrobe.

*Finding the proper fitness shoes  for your workout is key to sticking with it.  Kari of Fab Over Forty tells us what her must-have shoes for her flat feet. 

* Dressed and motivated? Now  try this video from Moving Free With Mirabai.

* Barbra of The Best of Everything Over 50  wants  all women to be strong, lean and fit… for the rest of our lives. One of the best ways to get there is…drun roll please…this basic exercise.  And don’t miss Barbara hosting the AARP YouTube Chanel. 

  Anti-Aging Exercise in 20 Years Younger by Bob Greene

Bob Greene is an exercise physiologist  and certified  personal trainer– whose most Atni-aging Exercisefamous client is  Oprah Winfrey.  His latest book, 20 Years Younger, is the perfect  choice for  this week’s focus on exercise.   Author Greene offers an anti-aging plan that starts with exercise and expands to nutrition, stress reduction  and skin care.

The book begins with by sharing studies that highlight  the wide range of exercise related benefits including improved mood, increase in brain volume, stress reduction, stronger muscle and bone, reduced risk of heart disease, increased immunity,  reduced inflammation and of course everyones favorite,  weight control.

His anti-aging exercise plan is ambitious.  Part 1 hits all areas of fitness that affects aging– flexibility, strength, stabilization, agility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance.   Part 2  allows you to follow s much of the program as feels comfortable.  Part 3  integrates  what Greene calls  lifetime sports  into  daily life and  to make exercise fun and social.  Nice touch. He has a small collection of recipes that  look tsty, but not the sort of thing you  would cook everyday.  For recipes, my current favorite is still Small Changes by Teri Gans, but the two  books complement ech other.

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