Figs for Fabulous Skin

Figs Figs are an ancient fruit that grew wild in the Middle East and  Mediterranean. Today, most of the  fresh figs in our markets   are from California.  While they are high in natural sugars, they  also deliver a payload of potassium, iron, and ounce for ounce, more calcium than skim milk.   But what makes figs a nutritional rockstar is that they are a delicious fiber delivery system.  Two little fresh figs  boast 4 grams of  high quality fiber.   This is great news since major studies have shown that fiber is one of the three top food factors associated with  fewer wrinkles and less aging. Fresh  figs,  available from June through September, are super fragile and last only a week after harvested.  In season  you will see  three types of figs:

* Black Mission figs- black/purple skin and pink flesh

* Kadota figs– Greenish yelow … Continue Reading…

Sensitive Skin Gets Some Good News

Question and answer logoQuestion:  I have sensitive skin and  my doctor  gave me a new prescription  for  rosacea.  It’s called Finacea,  costs $185 and it has not made a difference since I started it 10 days ago.  Now what?

Answer:  Patience! I know first hand how frustrating it is to deal with  rosacea, but please give  this  safe and effective medication  time to work to work. According to  Laura  Cortelyou,  acne  guru at Marmur Medical,  Finacea is not an instant cure.  After several months, it will deliver good results although you will use it  indefinately to maintain  benefits.

Sensitive Skin and Finacea

Here’s how it works: The body produces a substance  known as cathelicdin.  It is a natural immune response and a great defense against bacteria.  When you  have a tendancy to rosacea, your body tends to over react and over produce cathelicidins  which triggers  redness … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week, Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting  Fashion Flash.  There are certainly  many exercise gurus out there, but none like Mirabai.  She  has three degrees in exercise physiology and hold credentials from four exercise associations.  Not only are her exercise plans carefully developed for maximum results, she  makes certain that you will never get hurt.  Forget about no pain, no  gain.  For Mirabai, if you feel pain, you’re either doing  the exercise wrong or its the wrong exercise for you.   Mirabai has created  exercise programs to build up bone strength, reduce joint problems,  cardiac rehabilitation and  even  exercises for children.  Check out her site  to find the right program for your body.

Fashion is Where You Find It

Its no secret that I love both vintage fashion  and  NYC street fairs. This summer  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash this week is hosted  by Cindy of Prime Beauty .  I was a big fan of Prime Beauty, long before she agreed to join Fashion Flash. I  quickly learned to  just her judgement  about products and some of my current favorites were discovered in her blog posts.  At The BoomBox Party  during BlogHer, I got a chance to see   her in action.  I watched as she interviewed  a few brands  and was so impressed by the insightful and useful  posts she wrote about the new skin care lines.  She can spot a new idea, literally across the room, while I am still trying to find my glasses.  If you  care   about how you look, check  out Prime Beauty before you buy  new products.  She’s that good.

Book Review:  Its All Good by … Continue Reading…

Acne and Women of Color

woman of color without acneAt least once a week I get  a question about the best way to manage acne in women of color and at the summer sesion of the American Academy of Dermatology, I finally got the right answers.  A three hour power session on the treatment of acne  with dermatologist super stars included  Dr Andrew Alexis, Director of the Skin of Color Center at St Lukes Hospital in NYC

First the good news.  Acne in women of color is usually milder and less frequent than  seen in lighter skin tones.  The bad news?   Even mild acne breakouts  tend to leave dark spots and patches that seem to last forever.   Called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH,  it is the result of irritation  from both the acne  and the treatments used to … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoToday, Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash. As summer winds  down   her  theme of the week is end of summer health, beauty and fitness tips.   I’m sorry to see summer ending, but I am determined  to  cross off more  of my summer to do list including Shakespeare in the Park, a picnic on Overlook Mountain and wearing that white dress  that looked so good in the dressing room but has  not yet   had a chance to go outside.  Jodell also wants you to get the most  out of the last days of  August and I loved her recent post on top five summer health tips.   One of her tips  is to wear loose clothing in hot weather  and  even includes  fashion examples.  Nice.

Introducing Our New … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash this week is hosted by  Jackie of Aging Backwards .   We all need a friend  like Jackie in  our personal posse.  Jackie is the person who  is ahead of the curve.  When she  was selected for Google glasses no one who knew  was surprised.  It was more like, of course.  Jackie is always exploring new  and better options– the best  new vitamin, the really great cleanser and the new wine.  When I run ito her at a beauty trade show such as HBA, she  has  already located    the best new products.  This year she dragged  me over to a  new booth  which  just introduced gel socks for dry feet and  teeny  tiny socks for dry cuticles.  She sees both the details  AND the big picture.  Subscribe to  her newly … Continue Reading…

Tea Tree Oil– The “It” Ingredient of the Year

Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is the “it” ingredient of the year.  It is extracted from the Melaleuca ( have no idea ow to pronounce  it)  tree found mainly in Australia and Queensland. While its the hot new ingredient in beauty care, aboriginal peoples have used  it for centuries for wound healing and skin irritations.  In the 1920’s, a researcher  published the first studies on the antibacterial  activity of tea tree oil.  He found that  the extract was more than 10X  more effective than phenol–  the most popular disinfectent  before the arrival of antibiotics.

Tea Tree Oil in Your Medicine Cabinet

Continuing research has found that 5%  tea tree oil formulations are effective as benzoyl peroxide  without  the dryness   and irritation.  Tea tree oil  has also been shown to have  antibacterial and antiseptic  … Continue Reading…