Neck News– The Three Part Neck Makeover

Neck Before BotoxI have been trying out cutting edge anti-aging tools for my face and I love the results. Clear and Brilliant laser, Retin A, Botox, and IPL have made a lovely change in the quality, tone and color of my facial skin. My neck is another story.

The sallow color, little bumps as well as crinkles and wrinkles, make my neck look decades older than the rest of my head. It’s almost like a younger face is now on top of an older neck. Not good. As a child I remember an aunt who worked hard on her neck. Each night she slapped on a thick, heavily scented cream with a steady rhythm and slept with a chin strap to hold everything together. It  didn’t really work but I think that she felt that doing something was better than doing nothing. I wanted to do something that actually worked and that started wth understanding why my neck seems to age faster than my face.

Why Does My Neck Look So Old?

For starters, no one ever mentioned to use sunscreen  on necks.  Over decades our necks have faced the sun unprotected– and it shows.  But wait, there is more bad news for necks.  The neck skin is thinner, has fewer oil glands  and the front has thinner, weaker muscles.   The bumpy  skin, aka chicken skin, is from years of neglect and loss of elastin from the sun.  But the biggest enemy of the neck is how much we use it.  Think about how many times a day  we twist and turn, bend, stretch and angle  around to look at the  world aroud us.

When I heard about the Marmur Makeover for the neck, I was in.  It has three parts– Neck After BotoxBotox to relax the vertical lines under the chin, Clear and Brilliant laser to build up elastin and filler to erase  horizontal lines.  Dr Marmur started with Botox to relax  the vertical lines that impact on the numerous lines hovering under the neck.  As you can see from the second photogaph, this single shot has  made a huge difference.  Next week a Clear and Brilliant treatment  will build up  collagen  and even out skin tone.  I am so ready.

2 thoughts on “Neck News– The Three Part Neck Makeover

  1. I haven’t heard of this procedure. But it looks promising so far. I never thought my neck would get so wrinkly! Much more than the face. And those “cords” drive me crazy. Can’t stand the way it looks. I need some HELP.
    Where is this doctor located?

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