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Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash this week is hosted by  Jackie of Aging Backwards .   We all need a friend  like Jackie in  our personal posse.  Jackie is the person who  is ahead of the curve.  When she  was selected for Google glasses no one who knew  was surprised.  It was more like, of course.  Jackie is always exploring new  and better options– the best  new vitamin, the really great cleanser and the new wine.  When I run ito her at a beauty trade show such as HBA, she  has  already located    the best new products.  This year she dragged  me over to a  new booth  which  just introduced gel socks for dry feet and  teeny  tiny socks for dry cuticles.  She sees both the details  AND the big picture.  Subscribe to  her newly designed site to stay up to date on all things health and beauty.

Fashion Flash  Book Review:  How to Tell a Woman By Her Handbag by Kathryn Fashion FLash Book ReviewEisman

Australian journalist Kathryn Eisman wrote a very witty and dead on book”  How to Tell  Man By His Shoes” that became a  best seller in  ten countries.  Now she  has turned  her keen  reporters eye to explore women and their handbags. ” How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag” looks at 40 different handbag styes and the women who wear them.   She offers a hilarious  personality profile, the pros and cons of each choice and  often provides a celebrity who personifies the style.  Her list includes  the Studded Bag, French Basket  purse and the Hermes Kelly bag.

For example the studded bag  lady is a rebel.  Fearless, adventurous yet with a great  capacity for compassion, she definately  has a dark side.  Celebrity example?  Angelina Jolie and it certainly fits.   By contrast  a woman  who carries a french market basket is a mix of earth mother and sex goddess.   Beautiful and well-groomed, she enjoys her curves and cleavage– no skim milk decaf latte for her.   Her celebrity roe model?  Nigella Lwson.

If I had to  pick the profile I enjoyed the  most it would be the woman with the Hermes Kelly bag.  This uber chic urban fashionista walks briskly in her  Manolos as her razor cut bob  swings with each step.  Can you  guess  her profile is none other than former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham? 

This book made me laugh and while it probably won’t help you pick a bag,  it’s certainly  fun read.  And these days, a fun read  is very welcome.

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