Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash this week is hosted  by Cindy of Prime Beauty .  I was a big fan of Prime Beauty, long before she agreed to join Fashion Flash. I  quickly learned to  just her judgement  about products and some of my current favorites were discovered in her blog posts.  At The BoomBox Party  during BlogHer, I got a chance to see   her in action.  I watched as she interviewed  a few brands  and was so impressed by the insightful and useful  posts she wrote about the new skin care lines.  She can spot a new idea, literally across the room, while I am still trying to find my glasses.  If you  care   about how you look, check  out Prime Beauty before you buy  new products.  She’s that good.

Book Review:  Its All Good by Gweneth Paltrowcover of Its All Good by Gweneth Paltrow

I usually don’t trust skinny chefs.  All those cookbooks with the word “skinny” in the title seem to offer recipes that don’t  taste like real food. But when I first flipped thru   the gorgeus pages of Its All Good by uber  slim Gweneth Paltrow, I was intrigued.  Her menus were a blend of different nutritional ideas  that echoed my current food choices–  mainly vegetables, quinoa, fruits, and chicken as the  main source  of protein. She is also gluten and dairy free  which is a bit farther than I am currently  willing to go.

But what makes this book a keeper is the depth of flavor and nutritional payload of the recipes.  I love soups, but many tend to be high in salt and carbs and carry a seriously high calorie  pricetag   Paltrow’s soups  are another story.  The chicken soup with Kale and Carrots  brings “jewish penicillin” to a new level.  Her White Bean  and Swiss Chard  and Spring Vegetable soup are easy, affordable and super satisfying.  Other favorite recipes include Vietnamese Salad, Veggie Dumplings and  Carrots with Ginger.  Many of her recipes are graceful adaptions of Mediterranean and Asian dishes.  Others are orignal ways of  followng a gluten and dairy free diet.

I’m on my third copy of Its All Good.  I gave away my first two copies to friends and family  who came for lunch and fell in love with both the food and the cookbook.


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