Sensitive Skin Gets Some Good News

Question and answer logoQuestion:  I have sensitive skin and  my doctor  gave me a new prescription  for  rosacea.  It’s called Finacea,  costs $185 and it has not made a difference since I started it 10 days ago.  Now what?

Answer:  Patience! I know first hand how frustrating it is to deal with  rosacea, but please give  this  safe and effective medication  time to work to work. According to  Laura  Cortelyou,  acne  guru at Marmur Medical,  Finacea is not an instant cure.  After several months, it will deliver good results although you will use it  indefinately to maintain  benefits.

Sensitive Skin and Finacea

Here’s how it works: The body produces a substance  known as cathelicdin.  It is a natural immune response and a great defense against bacteria.  When you  have a tendancy to rosacea, your body tends to over react and over produce cathelicidins  which triggers  redness and irritation.    Finacea is actually which  is azelaic acid which  found in wheat   and rye. It  acts by inhibiting production of cathelicidins, another example of “treatment targets”,  natural opportunities to interrupt a problem at different stages of the process.

Daily Rosacea  Care

Finacea should be applied  morning and night all over the face, not just on affected areas.   Help it work by following  traditional  tips for sensitive skin care.  Avoid irritating products  such as   scrubbing grains, alcohol based  toners and even rough washcloths.   Use a super mild cleanser like Neutrogena Ultra Gentle cleanser  and since sunlight  triggers rosacea redness, always  top the skin with   zinc based sunscreen.   To keep things  going in the right direction, try avoiding  alchol, coffee, caffeine and spicy foods.

Basic skin care, careful  diet and targeted medications like Finacea can bring your  sensitive skin  under control.   For more information sign up with Rosacea Conceirge that provides 24/7 support  when you are dealing with  daily rosacea care.  Established by Bayer, makers of Finacea, it even offers  a 24 hour hot line where you can get quick answers from  a nurse trained in rosacea education.


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