Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Fashion Flash is  hosted by Deb of Fabulous After 40.  I was  a huge fan of this  gorgeous  fashion and beauty site long before I met Deb Boland.  When she asked  me to start Fashion Flash with her, I was thrilled.  How often do you get to work with  your idols! I love her newest feature where  readers send in their outfits  for events that range from  coffee with friends to a daughter’s wedding.  These are real time  fashion ideas with affordable clothing on real over 40 bodies.  While Polyvore is fun, it really doesn’t take into  account  costs and body type.  The fashion  you see on Fab  After Forty is as accessible as it is beautiful. This site has changed the way I looked at accessories.  I … Continue Reading…

How to Look Great on Skype

Before Skype Beauty TipsTrue story.  In late June I got a call from a TV producer who was developing a syndicated beauty show.  He “loved” my blog and wanted me to interview as a co-host for the show. There were going to be four hosts and I would be the “boomer beauty expert”  Since they were in LA and I was in NYC, the interview would be on Skype.

No problem.   I had done quite a bit of TV for  book promotion so I knew the drill.  I got my hair blown  out and applied the usual pancake  make-up, contouring  and eye liner.  I sat down confidently in front of my laptop and dialed into the interview.   But when I saw myself on the little pix in the corner, I knew  it was all over.  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week the Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.   We all  meet  many people in our lives  Some we like, some we don’t and then there are those who you feel lucky to know– and Jackie is one of them.  She has boundless energy, enthusiasm and curiosity for  new ideas and respect for old ones.  She  has an uncanny ability to seek out  all the  best in health, beauty and technology — cerainly  reasons why she was choosen to Beta test Google glasses.  Jackie doesn’t  just write about alternative health options,  she  lives them.  If you can’t  know  Jackie personally,  you can still experience her positive energy and information in her blog,  Aging Backwards.   

Acne Gets Center Stage at  American Academy of Dermatology Conference

Acne  is known as a common problem … Continue Reading…

Is It Skin Cancer?

Q&A logoQuestion:  I have  little thin red lines on the left side of my face.  I know that you have said it can be a broken blood vessel called spider veins, but since I’ve spent so much time in the sun, I wonder if it could be skin cancer. 

Answer:  Little red lines are the face are usually  small broken or swollen blood vessels.  They can be causes by high blood pressure, excess alcohol consumption or too much sun.   A blow to the face from a fall or even too aggressive massage can  also trigger their appearance.  But if you are concerned about skin cancer, I would definately have it evaluated by a dermatologist.  In fact, according to New York City dermatologist  and skin cancer expert Dr Ellen Marmur,  we  all should have a complete “skin  check”  every year.  After a summer in the sun,  early … Continue Reading…

Fear of Fashion Week

Fashion WeekThe  drama and color of Fashion Week is now in my rear veiw  mirror, leaving me to wander around  stores and wonder what it all means.   I have to confess  I love the energy and  excitement of runway shows.  The lights, the music that  is so loud and throbbing you can feel it in your feet and  the freakishly tall models, linger long after the last glamazon  has wobbled  away.

Videos and photos of Fashion Week  don’t  capture this enegy and leave many   women confused and irritated.  Indeed, where  would you wear those white ruffled dresses from Thom Browne, those suits with tiny shorts or the  ruffled marbleized  print coats?   When the average woman wears  size 12 or larger why are all the styles   meant for   giants with 4% body … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash logoThis week  Fashion Flash is hosted  for the  first time  by our newest member, Shelley of Still Bonde After All These Years.  This hugely popular  site  has IMO the best fashion giveaways on the web.   With an extra long holiday gift  list this year, I am signing up for everything.  For example, when  Shelley gives away a Karina dress  she doesn’t just give away one dress– she gives away  twelve dresses.  Read about her mega giveaway in October and get ready to play.

Introducing Our Newest Fashion Flash Member

Shelley started Still Blonde After All These Years in 2009 and it is considered one of the top fashion blogs for women over 40.   Smart and beautiful  she  is THE blonde  with a masters in business from University of Chicago.Continue Reading…

Sensitive Skin– Finding Make-up That Your Twitchy Skin Enjoys

Question and answer logoQuestion:  I love to wear a little make-up, but my sensitive skin tends to react with redness and break-outs.  Any suggestions?

Answer:  There are five different types of sensitive skin, but they all share one characteristic– they don’t seem to  like  make-up.  Here are  some easy to follow guidelines to be able to “rouge up” without irritation:

Sensitive Skin and Perfumes Don’t Mix

Select only fragrance-free skin care and  make-up.  Fully half of all sensitivity reactions are due to  fragrances and scents in our cosmetics.   And don’t be fooled by  so-called natural  or botanical scents.   These actually may  be  especially  big troublemakers.   Both Almay and Clinique  have full line of truely fragrance – free products.

Sensitive Skin and Shimmer

Leave products that shine and shimmer on the shelf.  The glittery mica flakes in eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundation which catch … Continue Reading…

The Anti- Aging Neck Makeover

Neck before anti-aging treatmentThe three part anti-aging neck makeover at Marmur Medical started with Botox to relax those two  vertical muscles under the chin.  Next step is the Clear and Brilliant laser  which is a baby version of Fraxel.  My neck looked generally better after Botox, but the skin is still rough and bumpy.  This is charmingly called “chicken  skin”  and  is the result of a loss of collagen in  the skin.  Clear and Brilliant laser stimulates this essential protein, something  the older  neck sorely  needs.

Aging  Neck Meets  Laser Love

In the examining room, my neck is pre-treated with lidocaine  to reduce discomfort.  Its a gel that  is applied generously and remains on the skin for about 20 minutes.  I grab a stack of magazines  to read … Continue Reading…