The Anti- Aging Neck Makeover

Neck before anti-aging treatmentThe three part anti-aging neck makeover at Marmur Medical started with Botox to relax those two  vertical muscles under the chin.  Next step is the Clear and Brilliant laser  which is a baby version of Fraxel.  My neck looked generally better after Botox, but the skin is still rough and bumpy.  This is charmingly called “chicken  skin”  and  is the result of a loss of collagen in  the skin.  Clear and Brilliant laser stimulates this essential protein, something  the older  neck sorely  needs.

Aging  Neck Meets  Laser Love

In the examining room, my neck is pre-treated with lidocaine  to reduce discomfort.  Its a gel that  is applied generously and remains on the skin for about 20 minutes.  I grab a stack of magazines  to read as I wait to get numb. When the time is up,  Edgar, Dr Marmur’s medical assistant wipes off the lidocaine and sets the Clear and Brilliat meter to medium. He starts  moving the head of the machine over the skin in an even pass from the chin to the chest.   It stings  more than I would have liked so we lower the setting and things settle down.  (Next time  I won’t be in  such a hurry and  will give  more time for  the lidocaine to work).

Neck is red  after anti-aging laserThe Clear and Brilliant is a non-ablative laser which means that it works below the surface and does not cause the skin to peel. My treatment took about 10 minutes and left  my neck bright red and tight  like a sunburn.  Edgar slathered  the skin with moisturizer and within two hours  the redness had faded. Within two days, I could already see a smoothing of the surface.  Those chicken bumps  are definately flatter and smaller.  Over the next few weeks, more collagen will grow  and the skin will look even smoother and tighter.Godd anti-aging neck results after laser

Current guidelines recommend 3-6 Clear and Brilliant treatments for each area.  Part three of  the neck makeover will be filler to erase the horizontal lines, but I might  need another Clear and Brilliant treatment before this final step.

To preserve my benefits, I made a blood oath to  Dr Marmur that I would use   an effective sunscreen  each and every day. My current favorite is CeraVe SPF50.  Its got everything I look for in a sunscreen. CeraVe is a physical sunscreen with both  zinc oxide and titanium dioxide  plus ceramides, my very most favorite moisturizing ingredient.

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