Sensitive Skin– Finding Make-up That Your Twitchy Skin Enjoys

Question and answer logoQuestion:  I love to wear a little make-up, but my sensitive skin tends to react with redness and break-outs.  Any suggestions?

Answer:  There are five different types of sensitive skin, but they all share one characteristic– they don’t seem to  like  make-up.  Here are  some easy to follow guidelines to be able to “rouge up” without irritation:

Sensitive Skin and Perfumes Don’t Mix

Select only fragrance-free skin care and  make-up.  Fully half of all sensitivity reactions are due to  fragrances and scents in our cosmetics.   And don’t be fooled by  so-called natural  or botanical scents.   These actually may  be  especially  big troublemakers.   Both Almay and Clinique  have full line of truely fragrance – free products.

Sensitive Skin and Shimmer

Leave products that shine and shimmer on the shelf.  The glittery mica flakes in eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundation which catch the light  can  provoke irritation.

Sensitive Skin and Gluten-Free Products

If you have eczema, gluten in routinue skin care products and make-up  can trigger flare-ups. Studies have shown that people with eczema  have a 300% increase risk for gluten allergies.

Sensitive Skin and Preservatives

Preservatives  which are needed  for all  liquid or cream skin care products can trigger twitchy skin.   Because they do not contain water, dry mineral based foundations,  blush  and shadows ( like Bare Minerals)  need far less preservatives and can be better tolorated  by irritable skins.  Even better, they provide  good quality  sun protection which is especially important for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin and  Cosmetic Labels

Become a  compulsive label reader and avoid irritating  ingredients like alcohol, camphor, mint and vitamin E.  Yes, that vitamin E  Apparently its a major skin allergen.  Who knew?? 

Keep your skin calm by using fragrance free cleansers on your face and body.  Aveeno brand cleansers also contain colloidal oatmeal which short circuits sensitivity reactions. California Baby Sensitive Skin Cleanser also excludes dairy, soy, peanuts and  true tree nuts in their formulations.

One final thought.  Buy your cosmetics from  a company with consumer friendly policies.  Sephora, CVS as well as Bath and Body Works will cheerfully refund you money  if  a purchase does not work for you– an especially important feature  if your skin tends to over react. 


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