Fear of Fashion Week

Fashion WeekThe  drama and color of Fashion Week is now in my rear veiw  mirror, leaving me to wander around  stores and wonder what it all means.   I have to confess  I love the energy and  excitement of runway shows.  The lights, the music that  is so loud and throbbing you can feel it in your feet and  the freakishly tall models, linger long after the last glamazon  has wobbled  away.

Videos and photos of Fashion Week  don’t  capture this enegy and leave many   women confused and irritated.  Indeed, where  would you wear those white ruffled dresses from Thom Browne, those suits with tiny shorts or the  ruffled marbleized  print coats?   When the average woman wears  size 12 or larger why are all the styles   meant for   giants with 4% body fat?

The Truth  about Fashion Week

But here is the truth about Fashion Week.  Its not a clothes catalog, but a parade of ideasIn the tents at Fashion Week and innovations.  For example, those wild oversize prints  are the result of  new technologies that allow manufacturers to produce  on a mass market levels, fabrics that were once available only in insanely  expensive couture fabrics. Those  gold mini dresses and shorts that  blazed on the runway   will not work for a job interview or to pick up my granddaughter from Mozel Tots.  But  if I adopted  the gold theme  in a pair of flats,  they would take my jeans fashion forward.

Another popular runway trend was accordian skirts.  On the runway they were often shown with crop tops and lurid color combinations.  But imagaine them in black  with a crisp white shirt and  its fresh, flattering and  totally wearable.

And then there are the colors of Fashion Week.  Many  designers used  icy pastels  like  mint sherbert.   IRL we are heading into winter and boots and scarves are on our fashion  radar.  But think ahead nine months  and imagine a mint sherbert  linen  overblouse over a pair of white pants ( another trend) with a pair of gold flats.  Instant fashionista.

One final thought.  Keep in mind that it will be about six months before most of these new iseas  will filter down to most store racks.   Zara, the clothing store chain from Spain, seems to wired directly   to the runways,  are usually the first to translate Fashion Week  from fantasy  into affordable options for real life.

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  1. Thanks Deb, for interpreting these latest fashion trends. I like your idea about gathering ideas from the runway shows to apply to one’s own wardrobe. Thanks.

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