Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Staness of Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash. Athough  menopause is  in my rearview  mirror, I love the health  and fitness info on this comprehensive site.  She has an indepth,  yet entertaining approach to woman’s health that  is such an asset for women of any age.   Her new book from Harlequin, coming out  in the spring, will be a comprehensive  look at our health isues and solutions. She  has interviewed dozrns og top experts  in  a wide range of fields to  drill down to the  most up to date  data and options.   Its so good Its going to be my gift book of the year.

Feet at Fashion WeekThe Feet of Fashion Week

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Anti- Aging Botox at Fashion Week

Before BotoxI can’t wear  4 inch high  cage shoes, don’t  have access to the Conde Nast closets  and the last time I wore size 2, I was two.  So when you are over 50, getting ready  for Fashion Week means  turning to science rather than shopping.  To give me a little extra confidence, I asked my wonderful Dr Ellen for her amazing “baby botox”.  These are smaller than usual  amounts of Botox  to  just give a little extra  anti-aging smoothness, erasing the crows feet around my eyes.  It actually takes  a few weeks for the full effect to appear–  erasing the years of worry lines and wrinkles  that  makes  the whole face look  happier and  fresher.  I also  use a bit of Botox to relax aging neck   muscles under the chin for a smoother jawline.

Bad News About Botox?

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Invisalign- The Final Weeks

Before InvisalignSometimes in life you make a big decision that’s so right and  just keeps getting better.  For me getting orthodenture after 50 is that kind of decision.  When I was a teen ager, braces were just not financially possible for me.  When I was a young working mom there was just no time to deal with an overbite.   And quite honestly, I did not want to  spend two years with  a mouthful of metal braces.

Getting Started with Invisalign

When I started No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  to  try out different beauty options, I finally had the time and resources to deal with my overbite.   But what really made me pull the trigger were the arrival of clear invisable aligners that did not need to be attached to the surface of the teeth. I started with 30 aligners to  pull … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion FLash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week the fabuous Kari of Fabulous Over 40 is hosting Fashion Flash. I  treasure  people who  have  taken the time to drill down into a subject  and then share what they have found– and Kari  is one of those special people.  She  has a keen eye and a great sense of what is new and good in cosmetics and skin care.  She has introduced me to listick colors  I would never have tried on my  own and her mscara recommendations  never fail.  I never go to the cosmetics counter without printouts from Fab Over 40. 

French Women Don’t Get FatFashion FLash Book Review

France is a country of cultural marvels.  With incredible  art, history,  fashion, food, its like Disneyworld for adults.  But  to … Continue Reading…