Q&A– Can ceramide supplements help my skin?

Question and Answer logoQuestion-  Dr Oz recently recommended ceramide supplements for better skin.   I know you recommend  moisturizers with ceramides.  Do you  also take ceramide pills?

Answer- I love  Dr Oz as much as the rest of  America, but in this case I am not that enthusiastic about these supplements.  To start off, there is only a single  small study ( as in ONE)  that looks at their value as supplements and that was done by the company that  is  selling ceramide supplements.

Then there are the supplements themselves.  They are made from plant derived ceramides and there is certainly a great deal of difference between  plant cells and human  skin cells.  It is also hard to figure out just how much ceramide is in each capsule– or even what the correct dose would be.  Some brands  are primarily vitamin E and/or a propriatory … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting  Fashion Flash.  I love  this site with its blend of social  issues and beautiful, affordable plus size fashion.  In addition to  profiles of plus size icons  she calls out   media and celebrities  who  offer  a negative view of  weight.  This week  she is hosting a   a terriffic   fall line-up of posts from our bloggers incuding:

* Fab Over Forty  offers  the best way to shape  your brows

* Menopause Makeover looks at  the links between  red wine  and lowered risk of breast  cancer

* Best of Everything explores the third pillar of fitness

* Moving Free with Mirabai gives  you the essential moves for flexability

* Aging Backwards gets into the  season  with  Halloween make-up tips

* Fab After Forty shows you how … Continue Reading…

Beauty Food Close-Up– Asparagus

asparagusAsparagus is  an aristocratic vegetable that has been around since Plato first  put on his toga.   In addition to  a delicious part of a meal, asparagus  has been used  for its  medicinal purposes including   relief of a toothache and infection.  A member of the lily family,  aparagus  is  especially  plentiful in the spring, making it part of  the traditional Easter  AND Passover dinner.   Now with advanced growing techniques and worldwide transport of  food, aparagus is available  year  round.

Asparagus Health Profile

Despite its elitist  aura, asparagus  is a nutritional workhorse.  It is  rich in  numerous vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and folacin.  In fact,  just 4 oz of asparagus has more than 60% of the RDA for vitamin C– important to know since vitamin C is the nutrient most closely … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting  Fashion Flash with a line-up of  posts that are written by our  experts ( FYI Martha,  many bloggers  ARE experts )  that are worth your time  and attention. For example,   at Fab After 40 you can   learn  a quick, easy  way to apply  false eyeashes; Jackie at Aging Backwards  offers  top  smile  tips during National Dental Awareness Month; at No-Nonsese Beauty Blog  I’m sharing my #1 celebrity beauty tip; Kari of Fab Over 40 is  my favorite make-up guru and she does not disappoint  in her terriffic guide to wearing dark lipstick.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  How to Tie A Scarf  from Potter StyleFashion Flash Book Review

For  … Continue Reading…

Retin A and Breast Cancer- Is There a Link?

Q&A logoQuestion:  I used Retin A  and then  was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I want to go back on Retin A but don’t want  to cause a recurrence of the cancer. Is it safe for me to use it again?

Answer:  Wow,  this is such an important question-and given that its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, its the perfect time to answer it. According to Dr Albert Lefkovits  who is associaed with the Mount Sinai Schoo of Medicine,  Department of Dermatology, there are no reports  in the medical and scientific literature that  point to a link between breast cancer and Retin A.   In fact Retin A  is well known for its ability to normalize skin cell growth and life span. Actually about ten years ago there were clinical trials to see if Retin A would inhibit  breast cancer growth.  That didn’t appear to … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week the host of Fashion Flash is Barbara Hannah Gufferman Of Best of Everything After 50– and  I can’t think of another woman who is a better role model for the 50+ woman. Slim with beautiful blonde curly hair Barbara can rock a leather  moto jacket as she speaks on  postive aging for the AARP.  She  sets the pace for over 50  living with daily exercise and personal  health and beauty  care.  And she is also one of the nicest and genuine people  you will meet.  Barbara is super smart, but I love the fact that she always reaches out to experts to cull the best and most up to-date advice on eveything from  political activism to  comfortable sexy shoes. Subscribe to her blog and  if you get a chance to … Continue Reading…

Subscription Snafus

Subscription sign upIn May I put on my  big girl pants and migrated  to a self-hosted site. All seemed to go beautifully and the new plugins were just  plain fun to use.   Then I began getting first   a trickle, then a flood of emails asking why I had stopped  posting on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  I didn’t know what to think.   Google seemed to like  my new site and  my traffic was never  better, yet   my most  loyal readers  were not seeing  my new posts.   After  a bit of digging I discovered that  my subscriber list   did not make the move along with almost 600 health and beauty posts.   The hundreds of readers who had  become friends were no longer getting  alerts on new posts. IRL if a letter does not get delivered, it comes back to the … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoI’m so delighted to be   hosting Fashion Flash  this week.  Our bloggers have outdone themselves with   info packed posts  on a wide range of health, beauty and fashion topics. Click through all of these timely and effective  posts and I promise you it will be worth your  time:

*Barbara Hannah  Gufferman  thinks life after 50 is filled with change, some of it wanted, some not, that can  make us feel glued to the floor.  She interviewed organization expert Julie Morgenstern to get the secrets to getting unstuck… so that we can move on with our lives.  Watch this!

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is one of those people who actually likes to exercise.  But right now she is down with the flu.  All she can manage is  a list ofContinue Reading…