Subscription Snafus

Subscription sign upIn May I put on my  big girl pants and migrated  to a self-hosted site. All seemed to go beautifully and the new plugins were just  plain fun to use.   Then I began getting first   a trickle, then a flood of emails asking why I had stopped  posting on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  I didn’t know what to think.   Google seemed to like  my new site and  my traffic was never  better, yet   my most  loyal readers  were not seeing  my new posts.   After  a bit of digging I discovered that  my subscriber list   did not make the move along with almost 600 health and beauty posts.   The hundreds of readers who had  become friends were no longer getting  alerts on new posts. IRL if a letter does not get delivered, it comes back to the sender. Online, the response is only silence.   I’m  so  sorry that you missed  months of info  packed  posts  including:

* The truth about vitamin E

* Anti-Aging Powers of Pomegranates

* Acne in Women of Color

* Comparison of glycolic acid and Retin A

* How tea tea oil  really works

* The difference between Fautox and Botox

* How to look great on Skype

Big Problem, Easy Solution

I’ve got a new super easy to use subcription box at the top of the right hand  side of the home page.  If you sign up today you won’t miss any of the upcoming editorial calendar  that includes:

*  Acne in  menopause– causes and cure

* Why your  neck ages faster than your face

* Five Top Anti-Aging Questions- asked and answered

* Brand new ways to eliminate dark patches

* The link between fried food and wrinkles

*The difference between prescription and department store retinols

* Three quick and easy    health tips  that also help your  skin

Please sign up today and I promise I won’t lose you again.  


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