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Fashion Flash logoThis week the host of Fashion Flash is Barbara Hannah Gufferman Of Best of Everything After 50– and  I can’t think of another woman who is a better role model for the 50+ woman. Slim with beautiful blonde curly hair Barbara can rock a leather  moto jacket as she speaks on  postive aging for the AARP.  She  sets the pace for over 50  living with daily exercise and personal  health and beauty  care.  And she is also one of the nicest and genuine people  you will meet.  Barbara is super smart, but I love the fact that she always reaches out to experts to cull the best and most up to-date advice on eveything from  political activism to  comfortable sexy shoes. Subscribe to her blog and  if you get a chance to her Barbara speak, don’t  miss it!

Fashion Flash Book Review– Forever Chic by Tish JettFashion FLash Book Review  Forever CHic

A Femme D’un Certain Age  was one of the first blogs that I subscribed to when I started surfing the net.  I quickly became addicted to  the amazing  photos of  IRL French style.   Now Tish  has put together a  just published book that gathers together all the style and beauty tips  which French women seem to have in their genes.  From the benefits of dark chocolate for weight control to  closet therapy  for mastering French style, French Chic ( Rizzoli) is as close as you can get to getting that simpe elegant look without  having a  French mom.

Tish Jett  is a seasoned fashion journalist  “who   came to France for work and stayed for love.”   She has that rare ability not just to  see style, but to decode it for  the rest of us to follow.   French Chic is packed with beautiful yet practical ideas. While France is famous for theatrical fashion ( think Thierry Mugler) true french style is  grounded in classic neutrals.  But  what  what  keeps  the grey and navy clothing looking dull and matronly is the combination of fit and the  often whimsical details.  French Chic explains how  laced boots, big bright  flower pins, suede accessories and  gorgeous scarves  are the extras that separate  French women  from the rest of us.  For example  picture a thin bone cashmere tee, oversized  gold necklace, fitted brown tweed jacket, brown leather skirt, opaque brown tights and  brown suede  boots. Just perfect.  Her wardrobe ideas  also told me  of new ways to use  what I already had.  For example, Tish suggests pairing a black leather jacket with a crisp white shirt, skinny grey  fkannel skirt, black opague tights and black ballet flats.  I had all of these components in my closet, but always felt the grey skirt  looked dowdy.  Now in a French Chic combo, I  can’t wait for  cooler weather.  This wonderful book is  going to my gift book of the year  to my favorite people.  I know they will love it as much as I do.

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