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Fashion Flash logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting  Fashion Flash with a line-up of  posts that are written by our  experts ( FYI Martha,  many bloggers  ARE experts )  that are worth your time  and attention. For example,   at Fab After 40 you can   learn  a quick, easy  way to apply  false eyeashes; Jackie at Aging Backwards  offers  top  smile  tips during National Dental Awareness Month; at No-Nonsese Beauty Blog  I’m sharing my #1 celebrity beauty tip; Kari of Fab Over 40 is  my favorite make-up guru and she does not disappoint  in her terriffic guide to wearing dark lipstick.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  How to Tie A Scarf  from Potter StyleFashion Flash Book Review

For  many people, the switch to cold weather  means  “sweater weather”.  For me, cool crisp mornings means its time to get out my beloved scarves.   I love them all!  Long skinny scarves,  big  silk squares, lacy mufflers, and  soft, big challis squares all find a place on my neck.  I know  just a few scarf tricks and   will stare enviously at women on the street  who obviously know more about scarf tying than I do.    How to Tie a Scarf  is a little book with clear full color  photos which clearly  demonsrate how to tie one on.  There are 33  different ways to loop, tie  and twist a scarf, each  one given a  distinct name.  Its divides the  book into   six  different types of scrves including,  square,  oblong  and  embellished. In addition to clear directions,  the book recommends  best ways to waer each style. 

Like any good guide, the styles start simply and build in complexity.  The “Nantucket”  is  just a simple tie for a large  square  that  is recommended for a V neck sweater or tee in warm weather  and under a  jacket when weather  gets colder.  The “Surrey” is a graceful way to add a  flattering point to a silk scarf and is perfect  with a short coat.  The “Killermanjaro”   shows  how to use a lightweight oblong scarf and is especially beautiful  in  an ethnic  print. 

The  book is just $12.50 and a great add on to a gift  of a simple scarf.   I already bought an extra copy  to  pair  with an Ikat oblong scarf that I found at a flea market.  It will be a personal thoughtful birthday gift for  a friend who I met in  second grade    We have been exchanging gifts for decades, and I’m  thrilled I’ve actually got a new idea to share.

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