Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting  Fashion Flash.  I love  this site with its blend of social  issues and beautiful, affordable plus size fashion.  In addition to  profiles of plus size icons  she calls out   media and celebrities  who  offer  a negative view of  weight.  This week  she is hosting a   a terriffic   fall line-up of posts from our bloggers incuding:

* Fab Over Forty  offers  the best way to shape  your brows

* Menopause Makeover looks at  the links between  red wine  and lowered risk of breast  cancer

* Best of Everything explores the third pillar of fitness

* Moving Free with Mirabai gives  you the essential moves for flexability

* Aging Backwards gets into the  season  with  Halloween make-up tips

* Fab After Forty shows you how to  have great fashion  on a budget

And at No-Nonsense beauty Blog I am naming names  to give you  the best anti-aging skin care plan for less than $1/day.  Just go to Black Cat Plus   for always  entertaining  and informative tips.

These tips are  all but guarranteed to make you look and feel better.  As the legendary cosmetics  queen  Helena Rubinstein  famously said ” there are no  unattractive women, only lazy ones”.

Introducing Our New Fashion Flash Member!

Fashion FLash is now an even dozen.  Our newest member is Sylvia of 40+ Style.  This vibrant site brings you  a mix of runway fashion from Paris, London and Milan, practical  fashion advice  and  addictive fashion  interactive  challenges.  Sylvia offers an idea  such as   using three specific color and then readers send in photos  of their final outfits.    For example, this week, Sylvia featured the full runway skirts and dramatic blouses and then asked readers to interpret the trend from their own closets.   I loved these photos and they gave me  more usuable  fashion ideas  that  those I see in most traditional fashion layouts in newspapers and magazines. If I’m going shopping, I  don’t leave the house before I  check out 40+ Style   to help  me  make the best choices among the racks and  tables of  options.

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