Q&A– Can ceramide supplements help my skin?

Question and Answer logoQuestion-  Dr Oz recently recommended ceramide supplements for better skin.   I know you recommend  moisturizers with ceramides.  Do you  also take ceramide pills?

Answer- I love  Dr Oz as much as the rest of  America, but in this case I am not that enthusiastic about these supplements.  To start off, there is only a single  small study ( as in ONE)  that looks at their value as supplements and that was done by the company that  is  selling ceramide supplements.

Then there are the supplements themselves.  They are made from plant derived ceramides and there is certainly a great deal of difference between  plant cells and human  skin cells.  It is also hard to figure out just how much ceramide is in each capsule– or even what the correct dose would be.  Some brands  are primarily vitamin E and/or a propriatory compound called Lipowheat.  Others offer  a mix of phospholipids,  glycosylceramides and glycolipids.  The lack of solid evidence showing  ceramides are safe and effective as well as real questions about  how much ceramide is in a capsule discourage me from recommending them.  Ceramides in moisturizers and cleansers are  proven  wrinkle busters  and that’s  where I’m going to put my beauty dollars.

I use ceramide moisturizers on  my face when my skin gets dry  in winter and ceramide enhanced hand  and body lotions all year round.  My favorite  combo  is a ceramide product with a nice strong 50 SPF.  Now that is a product that is as good for  my health as it is to my wallet.

One Final Thought about Ceramide Supplements

  Over half a dozen major studies including the Caret study  and the Nurses Health Study hae shown that vitamin E supplements raise the risk of serious health problems including health attacks, strokes, lung cancer and even death.  Since  many of the  ceramides are mostly vitamin E, there is even more reason to be concerned about these supplements.

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