Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Fashion Flash is hosted by Moving Free with  Mirabai.  There are alot of exercise guru’s out there, but  few  have the credentials that  Mirabai brings to her exercise  programs.  As a  committed couch potato, I’ve found that the exercise  plans  of Moving Free   make  me more flexible without  pain and soreness.  An single  Zumba session sent me to the orthopedist, but Mirabai’s exercise prescription  heals rather than hurts my  low  back  issues.

This week,  the fashion flash  bloggers  are definately  thinking about winter  as Aging Backwards,  The Best of Everything After 50 and Prime Beauty  are looking  at ways to  stay fit and beatiful in cold windy weather.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  The Five Minute Hair StylistBook Review

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Its Fashion FLash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Kari of Fab Over 40 is hosting  Fashion Flash.   She is  my go-to person for  the  best  in new skin care and fragrances.  This week  The Fashion Flash bloggers are determined to stay healthy and beautiful  as winter approaches. For example, Prime Beauty highlights melanoma risks, Moving Free with Mirabai features a bone healthy diet;  The Best of Everything Over Fifty  wants you  to start taking  charge of your  health NOW; And Black Cat Plus  takes on Lululemon. And  at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I compare the nutritional profile of chicken vs turkey and why  our national bird is such a winner.



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Skin Care Close-Up- Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Each week I get  3-4 requests for product reviews.  In order to find great options to recommend,beauty product reviews I decided  to add a new regular feature to No-Nonsense Beauty Blog. Skin Care Close-Up will look at  new skin care products and devices for better  and  up to date  beauty care.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum ( Reviva Labs, $22)

The first product  under review contains one of my favorite skin care ingredients, hyaluronic acid.  This safe natural substance occurs in the found  where it keeps the skin hydrated and the joints moving smoothly. As we get older,  the body produces less and less  hyaluronic acid which contributes to drier skin and creaky joints.

Produced  by Reviva Labs, Hyaluronic Acid Serum is fast becoming my favorite moisturizer.  This fragrance-free  clear  gel feels cool and absorbs  … Continue Reading…

Beauty Food: Chia Seeds

chia seedsAnyone ‘memba chia pets?  Those terracotta  dogs and  horses that “grew” fuzzy green leaves?  Now it turns out  that these chia seeds my be potential nutritional rock stars.

Chia seeds   are related to the mint family and have been around  since the time of the Aztecs.   You will  find three different types of chia seeds in the health food store. THe white and black seeds  have the same nutritional rofile, while brown seeds are not quite ripe. Gluten free chia seeds are high in calcium, fiber and anti-oxidants.  And good news, they  can  be eaten safely  if you have a nut allergy, adding crunch  to salads and baked goods.

These tiny seeds are also extremely high in linoleic acid– the  vegetable oil most closely linked to fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin. … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash this week is hosted by Staness of Menopause Makeover.  Recently, my  doctor  confided that  past menopause,  our metabolism slows down to a crawl and weight gain is inevitable.  Clearly she has never met Staness. When menopause hit  and hit hard, Staness  felt bloated and exhusted.  Since she had  just met the  love of her life,  this was not acceptable.  Working with world class experts she developed a health, diet and exercise  makeover plan  that restored  her energy and shape.  Staness complied all her info in her best selling book Menopause Makeover that is  a must read for all of  us at midlife.  This week  she is giving away  a copy of her book on her site. Check  her out and  click thru to  the  always interesting Fashion Flash bloggers.  

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Preventing and Treating Milia

milia before treatmentThe  little white bumps under the skin came back.   Called milia, they  develop when keratin gets trapped under the skin and form  at the base of sweat glands  or hair follicles.  They look  somewhat like pimples  but do not have the oil and bacteria found in true acne. And unlike acne breakouts  which have a  lifespan of a week or so, milia can last  for years.  They are painless and don’t itch, but please  don’t try to remove them yourself.  Milia go very deep  and  can scar if improperly treated. 

Dr Marmur started by numbing the area with a bit of lidocaine.  She used  an electric Milia removedneedle to nick the top and pressed a comedone extractor over the area.  Thanks to the lidocaine, I felt nothing.  Next day I had … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logo

This week Shelley of Still Bonde After All These Years is hosting Fashion Flash.  This is just about the best lifestyle giveaway site  online and I have gotten into the habit of checking out her offerings before heading out to shop.  In addition to great free stuff, the Fashion Flash bloggers posts include hair coloring tips   from Aging Backwards, the new holiday make-up palette from Fab Over  Forty and  great ways to wear plaid from Fabulous After 40. 

Fashion Flash Book Review:

Style and the Successful Girl by Gretta Monahan is yet another fashion guide  Fashion Flash Book Reviewthat uses celebrities as fashion role models.   The book divides  women into five types– The Weekend Girl ( think … Continue Reading…

Halloween Skin Hangover

Halloween SkinI have to confess I love dressing up for Halloween.  One year I was the Wicked Witch complete with green foundation.  Another  year   I painted my face  like a tiger  as in the poem by  Yeats ( Tyger, tyger burning bright).  My least successful Halloween  look was a clown costume complete with blue circles around my eyes and a bright red nose.   While all three were very different  looks they shared a common characteristic–  they left my skin a train wreck.  The next day my eyes were tearing and  my skin was red and blotchy.  Then it only got worse with breakouts and bumps that lasted for weeks.

What Causes Halloween Skin Hangover?

How could one night of fright  make-up linger on?  Easy! The greasy  pigmented base gets trapped in the pores and  sets  up home.  Irritation from the fragrance and pigments tigger  … Continue Reading…