Halloween Skin Hangover

Halloween SkinI have to confess I love dressing up for Halloween.  One year I was the Wicked Witch complete with green foundation.  Another  year   I painted my face  like a tiger  as in the poem by  Yeats ( Tyger, tyger burning bright).  My least successful Halloween  look was a clown costume complete with blue circles around my eyes and a bright red nose.   While all three were very different  looks they shared a common characteristic–  they left my skin a train wreck.  The next day my eyes were tearing and  my skin was red and blotchy.  Then it only got worse with breakouts and bumps that lasted for weeks.

What Causes Halloween Skin Hangover?

How could one night of fright  make-up linger on?  Easy! The greasy  pigmented base gets trapped in the pores and  sets  up home.  Irritation from the fragrance and pigments tigger  a flood of  inflammatory compounds to the scene.  Add the sugar and chocolate from the Halloween haul  and we’re lucky to have any skin at all. 

Preventing and Treating Halloween Skin

You want to throughly take off the make-up before you go to sleep– and you’re going to need more than a swipe of a washcloth.  Start by taking off the make-up on and around the eye with non-oily   eye make-up remover pads. Use several until the pads remain clean  when you   move them around the eye area.   Wet a microfiber  cloth and start removing the  make-up on the rest of the face. You don’t need to use additional soap at this point since the microfiber works just with water.  This  will avoid using heavy cold creams  which just add to the problem.  Keep turning the cloth until  no more make-up appears on the fabric.   Then  apply  a dab of cleansing  gel on a microdermabrasion brush ( eg Clarisonic)  to clear  out   the make-up that that  is still stuck in the pores.   Rinse throughly with lukewarm water.  Dry gently  and avoid using anything else that night.  Your  skin needs to rest and breathe.

One last thought:  Toss out the rest of your Halloween make-up and buy fresh products every year.  Once opened, make-up  stays fresh for 3-6 months and the next  Halloween night is 12 months  away.

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