Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

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This week Shelley of Still Bonde After All These Years is hosting Fashion Flash.  This is just about the best lifestyle giveaway site  online and I have gotten into the habit of checking out her offerings before heading out to shop.  In addition to great free stuff, the Fashion Flash bloggers posts include hair coloring tips   from Aging Backwards, the new holiday make-up palette from Fab Over  Forty and  great ways to wear plaid from Fabulous After 40. 

Fashion Flash Book Review:

Style and the Successful Girl by Gretta Monahan is yet another fashion guide  Fashion Flash Book Reviewthat uses celebrities as fashion role models.   The book divides  women into five types– The Weekend Girl ( think Jennifer Anniston);  The Girly Girl (  think Kelly Ripa); The Sophisticated Girl ( think Anna Wintour);  and  finally, the Sexy Girl ( think Kim Kardashian).  I like this classification,  but looking at the dozens of  pix of  beautiful  celebs, I realized that we  see them only in three situations–  perfectly groomed and gowned   at a red carpet event, head down leaving a gym or dashing through the airport.  IRL there are so  many other fashion situations. For example, we never get celeb guidlines on what to   wear to a job interview, dinner with your  new boyfriends family or that ever terrifying high school reunion. 

The author Gretta Monahan is a Bosten based make-up and fashion  expert  who owns several spas and a boutique in the Boston  area.  Currently she is the style expert of the Rachel Ray Show.  Now I love Rachel Ray and her recipe for Beef Wellington  is easy and  just about perfect.  But I really don’t think of her  a source of style info. For  beautiful, wearable and affordable  fashion  advice check out some of the fantastic  online fashion  sites  including Over 50 Feeing 40, and  our own wonderful Fashion Flash fashion blogs such as  40+ Style and  Fab After  40. You will be able to find real  time fashion for  real life.


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