Preventing and Treating Milia

milia before treatmentThe  little white bumps under the skin came back.   Called milia, they  develop when keratin gets trapped under the skin and form  at the base of sweat glands  or hair follicles.  They look  somewhat like pimples  but do not have the oil and bacteria found in true acne. And unlike acne breakouts  which have a  lifespan of a week or so, milia can last  for years.  They are painless and don’t itch, but please  don’t try to remove them yourself.  Milia go very deep  and  can scar if improperly treated. 

Dr Marmur started by numbing the area with a bit of lidocaine.  She used  an electric Milia removedneedle to nick the top and pressed a comedone extractor over the area.  Thanks to the lidocaine, I felt nothing.  Next day I had tiny red dots but no bruises.  WIthin two days, my  skin looked smooth and even. Nice. 

Preventing Milia

This is the second time I developed milia and I wanted to learn how to stop new ones from developing.   Some experts have suggested that  excessive use of  heavy creams and moisturizers  can provoke  production of milia.  Others  like Dr Marmur  believe that its  a genetic thing and some skin is just more likely to develop milia.  Regular exfoliation with scrubbong grains, home  microdermabrasion devices, glycolic peels and even Retin A  all can  keep pores from developing milia.  But like  many other people, my milia seem to pop up in the eye area  where exfoliation is difficult.  This delicate eye area   cannot use  traditional exfoliation leaving it  open to milia development.

To keep my skin milia free I  need to faithfully  take off my eye make-up with a non-oily remover pad and follow up with a warm water rinse.  Once a week, I will treat the area with warm wet compresses to keep the pores  clean and unclogged. 


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