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Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash this week is hosted by Staness of Menopause Makeover.  Recently, my  doctor  confided that  past menopause,  our metabolism slows down to a crawl and weight gain is inevitable.  Clearly she has never met Staness. When menopause hit  and hit hard, Staness  felt bloated and exhusted.  Since she had  just met the  love of her life,  this was not acceptable.  Working with world class experts she developed a health, diet and exercise  makeover plan  that restored  her energy and shape.  Staness complied all her info in her best selling book Menopause Makeover that is  a must read for all of  us at midlife.  This week  she is giving away  a copy of her book on her site. Check  her out and  click thru to  the  always interesting Fashion Flash bloggers.  

This week our bloggers include Fab Over 40 who gives you a head start on holiday beauty gifts; Aging Backwards  shares tips for for staying healthy in the flu season; Mirbai shows explains how to avoid winter hibernation syndrome; and 40+ Style, our newest member  shares shows  that are as comfortable as they are chic.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  The Pioneer Woman Cooks– A Year of Holidays by Ree Drummond

Fashion FLash Book ReviewI’m a huge fan of the ” Pioneer Woman”.  here is a loving, generous spirit  to her cooking show and it bursts out of the pages of her new holiday cookbook. The book is divided into 12 holidays including New Year’s Day, Valentines Day, and of course Thanksgiving.  THe colorful step by step photos  will get even  non cooks to sharpen their knives  and turn on their stoves.

There is a sense of joyous abundance to the recipes.  For the Thansgiving menus there are no less than four glorious  stuffing recipes– traditional, sausage, fruit and nut and oyster.   And then there is  her quartet of recipes for turkey leftovers ( including  potpie and  Thanksgiving  sandwich grills)  that has convinced me to get a bigger turkey this year just to  have enough  for these leftovers.

The recipes of the Pioneer Woman can’t be considered  diet food.  They do use butter, cream, and salt but not inexcessive amounts– eg Paula Deen.  Drummond also makes sure that  each holiday meal also  includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Her  recipes and menus are healthy, if not health foods.


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