Its Fashion FLash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Kari of Fab Over 40 is hosting  Fashion Flash.   She is  my go-to person for  the  best  in new skin care and fragrances.  This week  The Fashion Flash bloggers are determined to stay healthy and beautiful  as winter approaches. For example, Prime Beauty highlights melanoma risks, Moving Free with Mirabai features a bone healthy diet;  The Best of Everything Over Fifty  wants you  to start taking  charge of your  health NOW; And Black Cat Plus  takes on Lululemon. And  at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I compare the nutritional profile of chicken vs turkey and why  our national bird is such a winner.



Fashion Flash Book Review: Steal  This Style by Sarah  Kennedy Fashion Flash Book Review( Barron’s ,  $16.

I’m not a big fan of celebrity inspired fashion guides, but Steal This Style ueses celebrities in a unique and  helpful way.   Author Kennedy breaks fashion down into 25 inspiring iconic styles and offers examples of the women who wore them.  She  identifies distinct looks that include   Rock Chick ( Joan Jett), Ingenue( Audrey Hepburn), American Classic ( Jackie Kennedy) and Indie Girl ( Molly Ringwald). In addition to  gorgeous photos  ( which take me  back to a time  when I didn’t have children, much less grandchildren) the book decodes  each look into  lists of style tips.  For example, the “key looks” list for Jackie includes black  polo tees and hite jeans, twin sets, loafers, Hermes scarves and over size sunglasses.  She also suggest vintage options, color pallettes and make-up tips.

Steal This Style  was originally published in  London and has that “dress-up” quality of UK style guides. Rather than focusing on  what’s new, trendy or sexy,British fashion writers like to look back for style inspirations.  If you work in law and banking this might not give you the most useful  fashion info , but if you are freelance or work in creative fields, Steal This Style  deserves a place on  your  beauty book shelf.

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