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Fashion Flash logoThis week Fashion Flash is hosted by Moving Free with  Mirabai.  There are alot of exercise guru’s out there, but  few  have the credentials that  Mirabai brings to her exercise  programs.  As a  committed couch potato, I’ve found that the exercise  plans  of Moving Free   make  me more flexible without  pain and soreness.  An single  Zumba session sent me to the orthopedist, but Mirabai’s exercise prescription  heals rather than hurts my  low  back  issues.

This week,  the fashion flash  bloggers  are definately  thinking about winter  as Aging Backwards,  The Best of Everything After 50 and Prime Beauty  are looking  at ways to  stay fit and beatiful in cold windy weather.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  The Five Minute Hair StylistBook Review

I love a little book with big information– and the Five Minute Hair Stylist certainly delivers.   In less than 100 pages, it offers more than 30 different DIY styles that are quick, flattering and realistically  beautiful.   Most are for  long  hair and  many are  for naturally curly hair.  Even better, these long hair style work beautifully day and night  and for women  from 16 to 60

Five Minute Hair Stylist has unusually clear  directions and  illustrations  for a perfect  french twist and french  braid.   I just wish my hair was long enough to do either style.   I really loved the fact  that  this  book makes frizzy brown hair absolutely fabulous in a loose Cavalier Bow, a wispy Edwardian updo  and  the 40’s style  Quiff.  This is the little bump at the top of the forehead  ( think Elaine  of Steinfeld).   Not only does  it add a little height to your frame, its a great way to deal with front layers, especially  if you are growing out bangs.   I’m trying out this style before I give  the book to my BFF Rachel who has struggled for years to  manage her long very curly hair.  WIth this book,  she will finally  be able to  show off her natural beauty.


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