Its Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash logoIts Fashion Flash Monday, New Year’s Eve Edition,  hosted by Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50.  The Fashion Flash bloggers have cranked it up  to end 2013 with the best of the best  fashion and beauty tips:

* Jackie of Aging Backwards  takes an honest look  at New Year’s Resolutions

* Fab Over 40 ends the year with a not  to be  missed plan for reviving dull, dry skin

*Prime Beauty shows how to get  that  special beauty glow by using the right products

*Black Cat Plus proves that beauty is never based on size

* Fabulous After 40  shares the best looks of 2013

* Moving Free with Mirabai reveals the top five fitness myths

* Staness of Menopause  Makeover  shares her recipe for Pomegranate Champagne punch– … Continue Reading…

Scared of Vitamins by Deborah Chase

Vitamin pills This has not been a  good  time for the vitamin industry. A recent story  in the New York Times  reported  that vitamin supplements were not what they seemed.  Some were  contaminated by rodent poop while others had 200X recommended levels of selenium.  And then there were those Ayurvedic  supplements which contained  potentially harmful levels  of lead, mercury and arsenic.

Now in December no less than three studies showed that multivitamin supplements  had no health benefits.  Research out of Harvard  Medical School gave 6000 men over 65 a daily multivitamin pill and measured their brain function.  At the end of 12 years, the multi vitamin made  no difference  in cognitive ability. The much  larger US Preventive Service Task Force followed 300,000 men and women who took multi vitamins.  The result?  No change in heart and … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoI  love hosting Fashion Flash during the holiday season.   Our bloggers   have assembled a great selection of  posts that reflect  the fashion, beauty and health needs  for this time of year:

* Jodell of BlackCatPlus shares an inerview on Katie Couric that  encourages plus size women to start moving.

* Deb of Fabulous After 40 wants you to  look gorgeous  AND save money.  With all the expenses of the holidays, she doesn’t want you to blow your Christmas budget on a single dress.  Deb shares  5 holiday party dresses that are under $158!

* Staness of Menopause Makeover  share a wonderful Christmas story!  Heather lost 52 pounds during her Menopause Makeover and her family lost weight too.  What are you giving yourself for Christmas this year?

Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion– Pearls

No-Nonsense Fashion -Pearls Real, cultured or fake,  pearls flatter women of any age, shape size or coloring.  Glowing with light , they  can be worn with equal ease  with casual sportswear, tailored business  suits, and  revealing evening wear. Pearls are generous, sharing their  luminous glow with your skin and  hair.  They are the ultimate team players of accessories generously complementing rather than demanding attention.

How Pearls are Made

Pearls  are created when a  tiny  foreign object ( like  grain of sand) drifts into the shell of an oyster or mussel. To ease the discomfort of the  intruder, the mollusk secretes a white crystalline substance called nacre to coat the irritant.  The layers of this material on the grain of sand eventually  produces a pearl.  In real pearls, the irritants sweep into the shell from the ocean floor.  In clutured … Continue Reading…

Aging Fast with Alcohol– the Holiday Skin Hangover

Alcohol and the skinThis week, thousands  of celebrating Santas filled the streets on their annual pub crawl– and its hard to think of a worse night for your skin.  Drinking alcohol, even  that nightly glass of wine with dinner , affects your skin in eight ways– all bad.


How Alcohol Harms Your Skin

1. Dehydration


We all know how thirsty we are after  a party.  Alcohol actually speeds up   urination so that we lose  water with every drink .  If   you drink  8 oz of   alcohol  you will pee out  16 oz of water–  an attempt of the body to clean out  the toxins from the alcohol.  In the short  run,  the lack of moisture in  your skin will  make it  pale, with darker under eye circles   and accenturate … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Deb Boland of Fabulous After 40 is hosting  Fashion Flash.  With the holidays  just days away,  the Fashion Flash bloggers are bursting with seasonal spirit.  For example:

* Aging Backwards  shares holiday  beauty  tips

* Prime Beauty has a holiday special for a unique skin peel

* Menopause Makeover offers 10  tips to reduce holiday stress

* Moving Free with Mirabai shares an exercise  routine that reduces  holiday overload

* The Best of Everything Over Fifty  shares a video that shows how to love your hair  whether is short or long straight or curly– perfect   timing for holiday parties.

* And  these days  dresses  with sleeves are  as rare as  white rhinos.  But  40 + Style  has rounded up a  selection of these rarities  that are both beautiful … Continue Reading…

Retin A Round-Up

Question and answer logoSometimes I think that I should  re-name  my blog the   No-Nonsense Guide to Retin A.  There are so  many questions about how to use it and  we are given so little information with the prescription.  Here are three questions that needed to be answered right now:

*Question 1— Will one appliction of Retin A do anything?

Answer–  If your skin is especially sensitive,  one appication may produce redness and some irritation.  But practically speaking, using it just once  won’t  help acne  or wrinkles.

Question 2— Can I  use Retin A on my body?

Answer– You can certainly use Retin on your chest to deal with   signs of sundamage, but   its not practical to use  it on larger areas of the body.  Its  expensive and probably not good for  the body to absorb so much  of any form of … Continue Reading…

Introducing No-Nonsense Fashion

No-Nonsense FashionI love  to get honest, effective answers for just about everything.  I’ve researched the best way to calm a fussy baby ( swaddle them), the best apple pie recipe ( cook apples first)  and  the right way to prevent  skin aging ( wear a sunscreen even in winter).   Sometimes the research  was for an article or a client and sometimes  it was just to answer my own questions–  but I always dug, for  not just the answer  but the backstory behind the answer.

I love to find out how  things work  like why  Retin A works for both acne and aging, or why smoking causes wrinkles.  But  my favorite backstories deal  with fashion.  I am endlessly fascinated not only  by the clothes we wear, but how they came  … Continue Reading…