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No-Nonsense FashionI love  to get honest, effective answers for just about everything.  I’ve researched the best way to calm a fussy baby ( swaddle them), the best apple pie recipe ( cook apples first)  and  the right way to prevent  skin aging ( wear a sunscreen even in winter).   Sometimes the research  was for an article or a client and sometimes  it was just to answer my own questions–  but I always dug, for  not just the answer  but the backstory behind the answer.

I love to find out how  things work  like why  Retin A works for both acne and aging, or why smoking causes wrinkles.  But  my favorite backstories deal  with fashion.  I am endlessly fascinated not only  by the clothes we wear, but how they came  to live in our drawers and closets.  For example, did  you know that Chanel  put a black toe on a beige shoe to make her big foot look smaller or that  the first sunglasses were worn by judges in 13th Century China to  hide their emotions.   I used to  have drawers of scarves that never looked right, bracelets  that I took off before I left  the house  or shoes that never stepped outside.   Once I began to understand how  these accessories arrived on the fashion radar, I found it was  easier to  style them for everyday wear.  No-Nonsense Fashion  starts by getting up close and personal  with a look at the December birthstone, turquoise.

No-Nonsense Fashion-- turquoiseNo-Nonsense Fashion — Turquoise

According to Persian legends,  turquoise protects the wearer against snakebites and the Devil’s Eye.  Helpful– but more to the point as an accessory its lovely blue color adds a shot of bright light.  The finest turquoise is the color of a blue sky on a perfect warm sun drenched day.  Veins of discoloration or greenish-yellow tones will lessen the value of the stone.   The best turquoise is found in Iran and iraq with varying grades mined in new Mexico and the American Southwest. 

Turquoise is the favorite stone of Mexican, Arabic, and native American craftsmen.  Perhaps because it comes from a sun soaked climates it looks wonderful with different   warm  weather styles.   Think white tee shirt, jeans and a silver and turquoise belt or a thick  silver and turquoise bracelet  with  a  loose white linen dress.  But I  love turquise in winter when  a pair of silver and turquoise earrings adds warming color to a black  pants and  turtleneck or under a short string of turquoise beads just pops under  a white shirt and long red cardigan.

However it is worn, turquoise is deceptively  fragile.  It is easily scratched and can  be discolored by contact with soap, grease and perspiration.  Turquoise rings have the highest risk of damage while  pins are the safest spot  for a piece of fine turquoise.  Do you like to wear turquoise?  I would love to hear how you incorporate this beautiful blue stone into your own personal   style.

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